Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S) coupe 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S) coupe 2013 review – CarBuyer

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Omid Khaliqhi says:

RX-8 OR Toyota 86? 

p0k3r8cez says:

This is the new celica, and the ft-1 will be the new supra

Gary Meyers says:

What is the point of the back seats? They make no sense whatsoever. I can’t
imagine ANYONE fitting back there… Just a waste of material. This car
should be, and always should have been a 2 seater. Might as well make the
boot a bit larger and just have room behind the seats to put your bag or

Veggieburger says:

Someone gimme a car that will get you, and let you fit 4 other hot chicks
in your car.

adrianTNT says:


Iffi Ahmad says:

Toyota 86

Danny Amarsena says:

sexy and beautiful car
the car I wanna get!!

Iffi Ahmad says:

Toyota 86

jOE Mee says:

Does the BRZ comes with 5 year warranty as well?

Jonathan M says:

awww.. here in the philippines that machine costs 1.6 million pesos which
is quite affordable, but the audi tt costs 5 million each (the most
cheapest variant). if our taxes are not that fvcked up id get the tt rather
than the 86. but the 86 is a very good vehicle. 

Riot454di says:

What makes this better than a $10000 RX-8?

T-800 says:

this is the car im getting for my 18th, do you think its good for a P
plater? plus we are going to wide body it and chuck some nice deep dish
rims on it… but this video makes the car seem like shit. so im kinder
iffy on getting it now :/

llynellyn says:

“That’s a word you can now associate with Toyota” Really? most people have
been making the association since the MR2, Celica, Supra, Soarer, etc, etc

Theo Harrison says:

Budget lexus lfa

Valkyrie1808 says:

86 or BRZ?

Hussain Sajid says:

I’m 6’6 and it’s impossible to get a good driving position 

john sabha says:

cool.. but .. em .. why don’t you make a review about ford mustang :)

بوينت رايت says:

love this car so much

foolchecker123 says:

The day they make this car with a more powerful engine (turbocharger
anybody ?) and grippier tires, I’ll def buy one !

Yahmi Rahmadani says:

5:30 ha ha just for asian

Joseph Betts says:


mushal james says:

Wouldve been more motivated to get it if it had the key switch instead of
start engine button

Matthew Cheer says:

Please review the Lotus Elise

GamingCrewX says:

What’s LSD :D

j LE says:

i wish toyota made this car in america and maybe it will be more equipped
than basic scion (push button,leather/suade seats) etc 

FrightfulAccountant says:

What a nice toyota! Only current Toyota in the lineup I like!
Only pitty is, it has keyless entry and start. But I might be a bit old
fashon, coz I like starting by turning the key :p 

tgvelias says:

Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S – they are all the same!

fish fingers says:

massive unsubtle red bull plug

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