Toyota GT 86 vs AE86 review – Auto Express

Toyota GT 86 vs AE86 review – Auto Express

We bring the Toyota GT 86 face-to-face with the eighties thriller to see if it lives up to the legend. Read more:…



ObeyIsOkey says:

wait a sec, isnt that an ae85? or maybe an ae86 levin, hmmmm

DuBstep115 says:

The car what is more superior to ae86 in rally and everything, what
internet has forgotten is starlet!

Christopher O'Grady says:

1:45 Dat sidewall stress!

legaCsk8er4 says:

so is the toyota gt 86 pretty much the same as the scion fr s?

HybridMethod says:

Beautiful cars, amazing balance and true to the driving experience. People
can complain about straight line speed all they want, but these cars are
amazing to drive and great around corners. True tuner cars too, easy to
modify and increase the HP a bit.

I really believe the GT86 will be looked at in 20 years like the AE86 is
looked at today. Pure driver cars that bring the fun back into driving. 

HeroDanny says:

I wish the GT 86 was a little bit faster… if it were 250 Horsepower and
only about 2-4 grand more expensive then it would be a great car… I want
one really bad but it looks like i’ll have to continue to wait.

RyomaSJibenG says:

now i actually wondering if Takumi would change to GT86 one day

Dankarlpang says:

Hi I’m looking for my fathers AE86 and looking to buying it back. As he
sold it Back in the day. It is a UK spec Levin GT Apex Sprinter , in Red
and exactly the same stock alloys shown in this video and shape. Cannot
remember the license plate :/. But it has two distinctive little vinyl
dragons on the rear . And was brought from Redhill, Surrey from my uncle.
And that’s all I know from it. Please share so that I can find this piece
of my childhood. :)

Ts Er says:

initial D!!!! 

Martin Barjas says:

lol he was gonna say tundra ahah 

Kamen Kachev says:

I don’t hear anyone complaining how underpowered the AE86 is!!!! My point
is BRZ/GT86 has the PERFECT POWER from factory….

Dino Picardo says:

actually the gt86 is named from two cars the gt2000 and the ae86 both cars
are the pride of toyota, gt2000 was a bond car in you only live twice and
the ae86 was obviously mad famous by keichi tsuchiya and initial d….

Chris McEvoy says:

these guys are better than Autocar who seem to only review poncy rich mans
cars most of us will never own.

Cristian M. says:

ae111 best of them all

CounterStriker013009 says:

Initial D is finish, you guys and admin can watch the Final Stage 

matthew hennan says:

Ae86s are better by a country mile

Calvin D says:

beautiful balance… beautiful balance…. I heard alot of beautiful

Paralytic says:

Is the AE86 a balanced car?

WEisBESTEST ThanU says:

So many idiots its not even worth living, you dumb shits, why don’t you
take the time and google AE86 and you’ll see that the AE86 has 2 models
LEVIN AND TRUENO, in the video we see a Levin. A levin has stationary
headlights while a Trueno has pop ups

DR1FTT3K says:


cxbra says:

No power steering?? HOW COOL! I want one now! Ive always been into them and
they are about to be 30 years old soon.. I have to own one before they are
all gone or wide-bodied! I love this car so much, I drive a ’97 fwd Corolla
and im addicted to lightweight cars. 

epyy says:

gt86 is based on trueno86 sprinter.. and the car that used in this review
is not a original trueno86 sprinter.

Matt McP says:

i wouldn’t have either cars, they’re for Japs

Jason Leung says:

shoutout to Initial D

Juwan Eruel Arcilla says:

You can see he was enjoying while driving the AE86 then he was a bit bored
at the GT86.

burnzy3210 says:

that ae85 could do with some better suspension and some more pressure in
the tyres or a lower profile tyre

WEisBESTEST ThanU says:

AE86 all day every day

MrMcswiggens says:

i like how they use an ae85 >.<

Jonathan Rothwell says:

you are all wrong the 4alc is the ae85 it even says it in the vin.. that is
why the car is known as an ae86 or ae85 because it is in every vin of every
one ever made..levin is standard lights trueno is flip lights both stock
with 4age 16v…then there are the corolla models the gt-s and the sr-5
gt-s is just like a trueno but it has less power and emissions systems. the
4ac in the sr5 is still an AE86! imagine that…why you ask? because it’s
in it’s vin number…Morons a stands for a model engines..e is the car
model 8 is for fifth generation 6 is the variation in model.

luqman akim says:

AE86 Panda Trueno better than the GT86 

Skyler Colvin says:

That is an 86 because they have a AE 86 Sprinter and a AE 86 Levin they
both have the dohc that’s what makes it an 86 now if it had a sohc then it
would be an 85 

Carlos Chatruch says:

Es un simple levin AE86…

Levin Lonely Driver says:

If anybody is into AE86 stuff check out my youtube channel, work really
hard on the vids and nobody sees them haha

Big Lou says:

That is a ae85, not an 86.

J COSTA says:

Duas épocas, o mesmo espírito – “old School drive”

Nano Burger says:

initial d

David Mills says:

Toyota UK’s personal 1987, Toyota Corolla AE86 GT Coupe

Martin Espinoza says:

You would not expect a drift car to be hairy to drive, that’s the whole
point. The best ones are a joy to drive, they just do what you tell ’em.

Mario Prika says:

I dont know why but i think they are well balanced cars!! :P

MrKosovo1973 says:

5:36 el logo parece simbolo nasis… ¿casualidad?

ValdasKj says:

supra is the best any way

Rikor Volsati says:

Seriously want an AE86. One of the coolest cars out there.

Redsuns Chan says:

when make a sprinter Gt86…

Никита Стеблецов says:

Ты говно

BlueFatalis says:

The AE86 is a superior car to the GT86 in terms of what the cars were
trying to achieve… excellent drivers cars. This is because any car that
features anything that takes direct control away from the driver will
degrade its status as a drivers car, this includes power steering, ABS,
traction control and drive by wire systems as well as the obvious sins,
automatic and automated-manual transmissions. The AE86 is far more raw than
the GT86, and it has less of a middleman between you and the machine.
Modern cars are truly ruining the driving experience of old.

kwok wai says:

feel like playing Initial D

kingston toyota scion says:

GT 86 Vs AE-86 …

Rian Adhi says:

initial d brought me here

Jason Douglas says:

Beautiful car, I’m 6’1″ in height and the interior felt so small for price
I have to pay

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