‘ Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

‘ Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

Full Article:http://goo.gl/PQpQB ; Convertible:http://goo.gl/zGUeE My first review for 2013 features the Toyota GT 86 ( also known as FT 86 or Scion FR-S in …



somanymods says:

I’ve been trying to talk myself out of getting one of these since they came
out. I think you finally did it by showing how fatiguing it is to drive at
high speeds, granted I can’t go nearly as fast here in the states as you
can on the autobahn but I think even going 75-80 mph it still probably
isn’t that great.

Cameron Fraser says:

In fairness to the Golf, the 2.0L TDI has 236ib/ft of torque, and it’s a
great engine. Good video. 

malik altooqi says:

Fuck you if you don’t like the car don’t review it 00100

aninstrumentalvision says:

Excellent review, as usual for the Getawayer.

0815EVO says:

Great Review! Your english is really good. The way the video was made looks
well prepared and structured. The viewer recognizes the time you spend for
planning this video. So great work – keep it up!

Matthew Billeaud says:

Hey, I really enjoyed the review. Nice to hear a solid German perspective
on things. The car with the little summer tires I find to be not grippy at
all; which makes for good fun in the dry. You do have to be a bit
aggressive with it to have those fun slides though, which is a bit
dangerous in town.

devashishr says:

I am a fan:) and many thanks for the review Getawayer.
I watched your review and my excitement to own this car 🙂 was toned down
but… then I test drove it for a week, and fell in love. Now I own
one:-)) Couldn’t be more happier. Your findings on fuel consumption is spot
on and the ride is on the harder side but not bone shakingly hard :-). I
went to great lengths to get sticker rubber but advised against and finally
settled with stock rubber. I get DOD (Drifts on Demand) at every roundabout
🙂 The car is nothing but pure fun. The engine is like a little Tasmanian
devil, tiny torque but very much available when you want it if you keep the
revs high. Thanks again and I enjoy all your reviews. All the Best -Dev

hkspaceship says:

this is probably one of the two best reviews i have seen on youtube. the
other is Chris Harris’ review. great work!

Solomon Moshi says:

Great review.. as always.. Cant wait for you to do the Nissan GTR

golferchin76 says:

Japanese car manufacturers have the tendency to produce bouncy chassis.
S2000, Mistubishi EVOs, Subaru WTIs, JDM Civic Type Rs, Integra Type Rs,
Nissan GT-R, and now this.
Mr. Guido your body was bouncing very hard in the video at autobahn, and
that’s a very smooth road.
In comparison take the VW Golf R it has a very smooth ride, incredible

Sonny Simonca says:

+TheGetawayer How are you able to test drive different cars, for such long
periods of time? I am trying to start my own review site, but I do not know
how to get cars.

Honhoa Ong says:

asking a Japanese car manufacturer to make a decent performance car with a
balance of luxury and power is like asking a stripper to give you a free
lap dance.

Success rate is highly unlikely

Matthew Alden says:

What you have to remember is that this car is only £25,000, so of course it
will be missing things to cut corners. If you wanted it to be the perfect
car, it would be nice to have adjustable suspension as a optional extra at
the dealership. But like i said, for £25,000, it really isn’t half bad. But
I’ll stick to the CLS350 for now…. :3 

MGTOW TV says:

@Getawayer: Maybe the GT86 is more for the US market as a cheaper
Mustang/Camaro rival. The Americans like to buy such cars and then tune
them up until they do have a decent ride. We Europeans prefer to pay the
whole sum in advance and then get a ready made product. Here nobody would
buy a Porsche, Ferrari or Jaguar and then go to some tuning firm to get
proper suspension or extra engine power, at least it´s not the regular
customer (of course there is Brabus etc., but that is all upmarket stuff).
Here everybody expects the car to perform as it comes out of the factory.

quack man says:

Great review, loved your honesty! I like how you matched up bits of video
with what you were describing about the car, eg. the stability control
kicking in too early–video showing the light coming on; your driving
position while talking about adjusting the steering column, etc. Done nice
and subtly.
My only complaint, minor, is the volume of your voice is significantly
louder in-car than the narration voice.

Sale_Shark says:

I think Subaru missed a trick with their version, by not having Blue
Stitching instead of the Toyota red !!! 

Louis Abate says:

High limit? Throw some summers on it (like the stock tires on the brz
limited) and you won’t have *any* trouble kicking the tail out! : )

dam already says:

Hey i made a walkaround on my FRS ..this is what i was talking about.
look >> stock FRS walk around with an Aggressive look

LoossBrennen84 says:

Keep drinking kölsch buddy and driving european softy cars. Japanese cars
aren’t only cars, they are driving machines and built for occasional
“race/track/drift” use. The guys who have driven an s2k or their gt with
the heart know what i mean. No offense bro, you’re better in a tt. ;)

chevnificent04 says:

What are your thoughts on buying this car vs the Golf GTI

ademar9988 says:

i drove this car and i like it , so i don t care about these reviews , even
the positive ones

ademar9988 says:

typical german review , they want everything to be PERFECT like a fucking
VW boring as fuck and they hate ALFA ofc , but hey that s your opinion and
i respect it :DDD

01Prostyle says:

Another great review!!! Bravo!!

badivukXforzaXpro says:

Great review mate. I have a friend who has one of these and it’s pretty
slow compared to my Evo x but I love it’s character. Btw it’s turbo 

Jeremy Good says:

Fast little shit!

Noel Ebbert says:

Great review, sub’d.

Real Deal Driver says:

I’m 6’2″ and i fit in my 86 fine, heaps of leg and headroom to spare. you
can jack the seat down for headroom, and for leg room you just put the seat
back, i’m about 20cm from all the way back on the seat rails so there is
room for much taller people.

John Malcovitch says:

I am the same height and am considering this as my first car and it’s going
to be a great investment. So in your standards how comfortable is it on a
scale of 1-10? 10 being very comfortable

MGTOW TV says:

you have an insane luxury and car taxation in strayya…here in Germany the
GT86 with some options will cost you around 30kEUR, while a new Boxster or
Cayman can start from around 60kEUR. Take a look on Porsches that are
around one or two years old and you might get even lower prices. Better
have a used Porsche with heated seats, satnav, proper soundsystem and a
glorious powertrain than a full-option GT86. It is even a better investment
and surely more fun and satisfaction.

EC T says:

A great review but i find the narration is very low in volume compared to
other parts of the video.

MGTOW TV says:

there is a massive difference in build-quality, reliability and performance
yet. The GT86 doesn´t come close to most lame Cayman on Boxster…the GT86
is a good and cheap car. But once you´ve sat in something better than like
a Porsche or Jaguar you will understand that this is a totally different

TheGetawayer says:

You’ve got that right. I very much enjoyed it on my favourite driving roads
here in soutwestern germany. It has a few downsides as I pointed out, but
it offers an amazing amount of fun for the money. Greetings, TheGetawayer

thatswhatshesaiddude says:

I feel first to second is okayish – it is third to second I find I have to
fight it a bit. Or fourth to fifth – i.e. both diagonals.

onehorsepower says:

Concerning the high speed stability. I have read quite a lot that the GT86
is very sensitive to tyre choice and alignment, not strange knowing that it
has very “sharp” handling. So I am guessing that the winter tyres somehow
made it feel unstable because of the extra movement in the threads. A easy
solution could be to get an alignment with a little extra toe in the rear.
Just a suggestion to those owners who want to drive on the autobahn at high
speed on winter tyres in relative comfort…

Mary Collera says:

Thank You Getawayer, I have been seriously thinking of buying this car in
the future, that I only look at the positive side and not the negative
part. My mind has been really bias towards this car, so you being unbiased
about gt86 and flat out pointing the flaws of this car, has help me
reconsider other potential sports car, I appreciate this review

TheGetawayer says:

Es gibt ne ganze Menge Leute ( auch gestandene Journalisten ) die das
behaupten. Als ich voller Vorfreude und mit riesen Erwartungen in den 86
eingestiegen bin und losfuhr, war ich erstmal sehr enttäuscht. Klar auf der
richtigen Straße macht der Wagen mit dem harten Fahrwerk und der
ultra-direkten Lenkung Spaß, aber das sind Idealbedingungen. Im
Alltagsverkehr hat mich das Auto nicht überzeugt. Bist Du selbst auch schon
mal einen gefahren ?

fatboy19831 says:

The GTI is the same price as the BRZ/FRS in the states also. You can option
it up a bit more but the basic GTI is very well equipped. The GTI is a more
stable high speed platform. The GTI is also more fun than the FRS/BRZ up to
7/10 ths. After that the twins are in another class. For high speed running
I will take the GTI all day long. On a twisty back road I will take the

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks, I totally agree with your comment. Maybe I should have pointed that
out better, but overall I was just surprised how grippy the car felt to me.
The speed that I could carry through corners without any reaction from the
rear-end was just a surprise for me. Not sure how much of a difference the
Pirelli winter tires made, maybe they have more grip than the standard
touring tires from the Prius. Regards, Guido aka TheGetawayer

julianlee2 says:

test drove the subaru brz and loved it. however this is a car i can only
really want to own should i be living in a place without heavy urban and
highway usage. its a bit underpowered and embarrassing when a mini cooper s
easily outdrags you. however what i think is that toyota/subaru should keep
this version as an entry level model for those who just need the pure feel
while they should introduce a turbo version. still, i would only buy this
as a cheap used, then i can tune it like crazy.

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks for your feedback ! Interesting to get your opinion as an owner. Do
you enjoy the paddle shifters ?

aquateen77723 says:

Hey, great review on the 86!! It appeared the car was bouncing you around
at higher speed; doesn’t look too comfy getting kidney punched and tooth
fillings rattled out daily.

Pae Jariyapan says:

Nice video man, I’m also a big fan of NA, but not a big fan of Toyota.
However, after test driving GT86, it changed my thought about Toyota. I
feel the same thing when I drive the GT86, this car has tons of unexpected
grip on a dry road with summer tyres on and the sound of the engine is so
nice when the rev passes 6000 RPM. You should try to do a review on 370z !!
that car is amazingly fast but there’s a speed limiter at 180km/h. you will
need to get it unlock first.

flamefleir says:

Just turn off traction control lol. Traction control was around in the
1980s too.

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