Toyota GT 86 review: First Impressions

Toyota GT 86 review: First Impressions

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e4superfly says:

its like a cheaper lotus light (lightish) nimble and balanced

Noz says:

My God this stuff gets so freaking boring after about 3 minutes…how
people watch this shit endlessly is amazing.

Sale_Shark says:

Why $25k in the US and £25K in the Uk. Rip-Off !!!

Ian Hamer says:

And it is made in RHD to start

0mgKittenzMewMew says:

Probably not :p But there is some difference of course

oguzsasi says:

Because its a TOYOTA :)))

Malikot911 says:

they have almost the same everything… but they dont handle the same……
look it up….

WaywardVerve says:

Nah it more matches james may’s ideal sports car which he wrote an article

phtmexplo says:

Simple … to make it cheaper.

EatDeeznuts1 says:

i would take the car with better performance. any true car enthusiast would
agree with me.

Punjabi192 says:

NO! Its the next AE86!

Alexandru Mihai says:

indeed. If I was a tuning company like Hamann, I’d immediatelly make an
amazing tuning kit for looking more agressive and having 400 bhp.

snakesinmypants says:

This guy in the pink polo is definitely a bottom guy.

imantisocial says:

200 hp is less than 300 hp, thats why.

Richie DeCosta says:

people who realise they have just 28k on a car and have to spend another
5-10k just to make it quicker

EatDeeznuts1 says:

the Porsche is more expensive but with similar handling performance. Also
hp isn’t everything. and a 50/50 weight dis=more balanced cornering, not to
much oversteer or understeer. and its not exactly 50/50 but pretty close. i
think its 53/47. and besides for the price of the car its a bargain.
(nothing can be said about reliability this soon) but its a great handling,
lightweight reasonably priced sports car with decent HP. not many cars (on
release) could even compare.

KMXProductionz says:

that’s true…also a new mustang v6 base price is $22k with 305 hp…but
then again..I wonder what makes the new 86 $24k…

EatDeeznuts1 says:

this car brand new is around 30k. you get fantastic handling and balanced
power. not many cars can compare. sure maybe you can find a older car now
with rivaled performance for less price. but brand new cars are no where
near that.

PilotCube says:

One word: TOYOTA <3

hulkR8 says:

You should not buy it, keep it for 20 years and sell it for about 50k$ with
0 miles driven.

imlevel0 says:

nope, you’re dumb.

mikechen121 says:

Once you find out about the cost to maintain that “used Cayman”, enjoy the

godzillasballs says:

I was going to buy a used Boxter, but the cost of owing it scared a poor
man like me.

Ben O'Connor says:


Dj Eminescu says:

But it’s under 25k here in the states and if you have that mindset then you
probably wouldn’t understand what I’m getting at.

vitto says:

of course..shame that Harris is testing SUV’s instead of mental hypercars.

Sale_Shark says:

Just watched Chris Harris test it on Drive and £25k is basic price, near to
£30k as tested !!! How much is a pint of beer in Norway Guinness Extra Cold
here is £2-50 ?? !!

Richie DeCosta says:

yes you can more like for about 38k for a used one. but this frs is so
overpriced you might as welll buy a used porsche, by the time you ‘supe’ up
this car. youll be in the 40k range- and thats the truth

323alex11 says:


Sale_Shark says:

Just saw Chris Harris’s testing it on Drive and £24k is basic price, almost
£30k as he tested it !!!

alessiopt83 says:

I drove it… fantastic… but needs hp…

brutepunk25 says:

i think this car will be good in drifting (with more mods on the engine and
aero of course).

SKEGZ says:

i dont know why for the love of God toyota cudnt use the same interior in
the frs that they used in this car. its for that reason why i would take
the subaru.

s0utht0wnjr says:

It’s a $25k cheap sportscar meant to be a spiritual successor to an
extremely iconic drift car. It’s not supposed to be all about speed, bro.
If you want a turbo, install it yourself.

paladain55 says:

why do they not have factory turbo’s?

socialperson says:

why would scion, Toyota and Subaru produce the exact same car?

BlueHokage says:

I make “big skids” in my underpants

Andrew Ian Dodge says:

Subaru need to bring out a 4 wheel drive version with a turbo on it. The

Grumble Plays says:

Hachi Roku reborn

Krishna Prasad says:

I like the looks though.

MrThemorningsun says:

kind of reminds me of a celica.

Sale_Shark says:

Steering Wheel is on the wrong side, plus as a new vehicle there would be
some sort of import duty / taxes, so no !!!

Xénos Polemistí̱s says:

Its true that they sadly built this chassis with all suspension and fun
while leaving limited room for tuning but they also claimed with a few
basic mods it can hit 300whp. After that they stated it gets rough past 300
but you gotta understand that they are trying to do a revival of the
original corolla. Also your 240sx was $23,164 new 20 years ago which is
closer to 30g now and it had less power, less torque, more weight. This
will be high revving and a smooth powerband stock. Basically an S2K.

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