Toyota GT 86 2013 豐田

Toyota GT 86 2013 豐田

Skoda Octavia 2.0TDI 150PS DSG Elegance Golf VII 1.4 TSI 140KM Highline Kia Carens 2013 L 1.7CRDi htt…



stigi132 says:

touch everything…precious

megacurlerer says:

I have a hard on right now. 

MafiaGMG562 says:

dats y u put modified parts

Santa Cruz says:


Zocker Dom says:

why? It´s a sports car

mike cranio says:

shit video!! it just talk about is houn impression of the car, saing its a
bad car but why??? cuz is not expensive ? cuz the inside is not like an
audi r8 or maybe not like a porche? ….i think the interiors are very good
for that priceand actually all the car its very fucking good for that price
…infact ill buy one! course if i was a milionaire i whould have buy a
ferrari or a lambo!!! im not and im happy that the toyota came op with the
gt86, fr-s!!! ciao

Puneet Dass says:

Nice video

mike cranio says:

infact comparing this car to all the others cars (same price) of this. no
one of you would finde a better deal and some of the more expensive ones
too ar motas good of this ,not as fun of this and not nicers looking then
this toyota. i think the only little prob is….. the car could have be
more powerfull say 250.270 bhp maybe a 2.5 lt…. but toyota and subaru
will make soon a new version more fast …..trd version with
supercharger!!!!! yeha!!!

Ali Asgar says:


Abdulla Almarzouqi says:

this type of walk around should have a name… you touch everything … its
like im sitting in the car

Q8Painkiller says:

you forget the engine

unit03 says:

which country is this from??

jogaroma says:

Está interesante. Me gustaría verlo en directo o probarlo, me interesa para


nice review !

frank datank says:

this video is very arousing

altorhys says:

C’est quoi l’arnaque? Il y a des side markers clairs et non pas orange, il
a de la lumière au miroir du par-soleil… J’avais pas cela sur ma voiture!

Shof Suf says:

lol no leg space at the back?

Ilton Oliveira says:

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