winning prince says:

amazing 🙂

voram2568 says:


Christian Albert Carl Lo says:

That’s my ride! I have no regrets on buying my Fortuner!

anshu singh says:


Ibrahim Niazy says:

This is amazing. You can’t get many cars that can do that.

gvdanand1977 says:

Chumma Kallakuthela Namma G.V.D’S ‘Twister’.

mohd wasef says:

if u r talking 2 me i’ll tell u that i’ll never never own 1 like this. not
even a Japaniese car. bcuz my best car is the Mercedes Benz i think u got
me ??

Ritchie George says:

dicor better than this… get new brakes, suspension and a bigger engine
and then just maybe.. anyways it was a good joke!!

Angelo says:

Its still brand new 🙂 it must a newly release from the factory 🙂


pls dont compare this with a rover. rover kicks ass

GRSRB2009 says:

Nice car, and very nice show!!! drive this in Thailand

aekpani says:

we live in UAE and owning a car here is just like buying new fancy mobile
every month..

pokerbudz says:

di lng pala range rover nkagagawa nun

MooseBaker says:

Looks more like a sequoia then a fourrunner.

mercedesE320fan says:

Range Rover would fucking trample that piece of shit!

tvhtn says:

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JR Demssett says:

daaaaaaayuuuum now i want to do that with my dodge! 😀 need more tags btw

577666 says:

Great clip. Thanks.

NeLKevin03 says:

go for fortuner

Pankaj Sharma says:

Very nic fortuner

hallangell12 says:

Violent and poor driving skills.

campers4WD says:

Tenia q ser un toche merideño jajajajaja

LuVin3m says:

love it!

Punith Kumar says:

I love Toyota

adanx5 says:

im so bOrEd! msg me! my id is in my youtube profile! 1

mohd wasef says:

ya sure i did but….. BENZ bmw ummm mercury not that bad toyota >>> no way
mustang its very good. but toyota AND fortuner no no no its not even a car
to compare with the other cars

bogus582 says:

how much the monthly payment for this car in malaysia?anybody knows…
was great car

cbrcoder says:

considering it’s build on top of Toyota Hillux truck, which in my mind is
the best offroading vehicle i have ever seen, I am not surprised with
Fortuner’s performance.

Mephistopheles71 says:

Awesome…very nicely done…great job toyota

rafaysufi says:

fortuner is a great car

kallumkadavu1 says:

who is that sexy girl ooching

Tylmarande14 says:

i cant decide between hyundai santa fe or toyota fortuner?

Club 4x4 Panama says:

opino lo mismo



carlitox1502 says:

a la semana… se vende fortuner por no usar jaja

javier090388m150 says:

Love toyotas!! I have a 1980 pick up 4×4 stick shift! A 1983 pick up 4×4
stick shift too a toyota corola 2002 automatic a siena le automatic and a
tacoma 2010 4×4 stick shift and a 4runner 2011 automatic i love them they
go forever

gello1979 says:

toyota fortuner rocks!

ranjit badwal says:

great video i really liked it

gameworld6421 says:


dilippadam says:

proud to be in toyota

nathanaelnainggolan says:

awesome suspension…is that standard suspension for Fortuner D4D 3.0?

mercedesE320fan says:

Why think about shit cars?

massi testa says:


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