Toyota Fortuner Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Toyota Fortuner Test Drive Review – Autoportal Toyota is the single largest automobile manufacturer around the globe and its quintessential SUV, Fortuner has…



rahul sharma says:

You and Powerdrift are the best reviewer on Youtube. Both are unbiased.
Autocar and Overdrive are sometimes biased. Well done.

preethumv says:

Nice review pal, each and every details were told which was very awesome,
keep it up folks . . . 

Abhijeet Bhargava says:

Very neutral approach. You did not mention about poor braking that is not
at all confidence inspiring. Also it would be really good to compare this
with Pajero Sport Automatic and Ford Endeavor Automatic. 

Rudra Sreejan says:

please please please add price details in your review. apart from that
simply superb :-)

Mathew Jose says:

If you plan on picking up 4 people….not 5….

Risshe Malhotra says:

when r you gonna test drive the New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Automatic.

jagan mohan reddy jagan says:

hai! which one is the best between fortuner and hyundai santafe?

vaisakh sp says:

super video from you again. thanks 

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