Toyota Fortuner On Extreme and Wild Off-roading- What A Fortuner Can Do?

Toyota Fortuner On Extreme and Wild Off-roading- What A Fortuner Can Do?

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Abhi Jain says:

For all the trolls…this is actually based on the Hilux chassis. 

Salem Al Sawwafi says:

I like the video dude .. Thank you so much 

Alfansa Aziz says:

pajero sport can do that better than fortuner

cyber fix says:

Mitsubishi Pajero..all time best

Ajesh Natarajan says:

2WD is enough for this tests. this is not extreme or wild….

cyber fix says:

HA ! An pick up chasis vechicle.! yes it is a good car but not an off
roader.. not even comparable with Mitsu Pajero Montero which is a complete
car …i own both saying by expeience

Suraj Pandey says:

guys fortune is a good car?????????????

leena saklani says:

Iz freelander 2 a better option…????

bigdarshan says:

I’ve got no clue ab out off roading but for a lay person like me it looks
pretty impressive. I doubt this Fourtuner has the same ruggendness as the
old Hiluxes but for city dwellers this is more than enough and it looks

Roy Pardede says:

Better than ugliest pajero absolutely. Best.

Nod Chaleun says:

fortuner is not offroad car, it can’t do offroad, toyota hilux can do
better, your test drive court is not challenged enough, I can use 2wd to
drive on that.

Zuraihan Johari says:

Is this a 2 wheel or 4 wheel fortuner?

Arnab Datta says:

The side-steps are bent at 2:10 .. wtf.. who the hell was driving it??

john paul Sanglay says:

2:09 its the side step bend o.o

Sergio López says:

good car… but the Grand Cherokee is much better

Kunal Verma says:

Nice work… recording

neek00741 says:

its…. good

jerome emilliani says:

pajero sport more good than this fortuner! pajero is a legend off road!

Adivhaho Magoma says:

very strong car

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