Toyota Fortuner off-roading video review, road test of 2012 Toyota Fortuner SUV India

Toyota Fortuner off-roading video review, road test of 2012 Toyota Fortuner SUV India

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Zam Sam says:

Waiting Waiting Waiting. Getting this in less than 10 days.

imawesome949 says:

cancar be droven if even the 4wd gear is in neutral??




My fav car

Greg Benson says:

Nice video ,thanks for sharing.

fabian nova says:

this car is xtremely expensive in colombia….65.000 us ….idraher buy a
x5 for 20.000 xtra.

Reddylion says:


rjshv says:

well said. testing on some ‘some really tough terrain’? That??? *sigh* so
offroading in India’s come to that level now!

Nhân Lê Trường says:

toyota cần thơ, giá tốt nhất khu vực liên hệ: Mr Nhân 0968 852 852

sanuj krishnan says:

a very informative review… thank you very much

manjot sandhu says:

eyyy…toyota makes best reliable and best off road vehicles in the
world….more reliable any other car brand…and the dvd system in this car
called toyota’s infotainment system

eduardo rodriguez says:

Your´s crash the car!

CarToqVideos says:

Good idea! we haven’t got the Pajero Sport for a review yet. we are trying
hard to get one! Once it comes, we can do a comparison of the Pajero sport
with all other SUVs in that price range. We will do both videos and
comparison stories 🙂

Hari Gill says:

Fancy gizmos apart; try taking it through some slush and mud and see the
tyre spin. It is NOT a serious off roader, the dirt track , ( hard mud )
can be traversed easily by the good old HM Ambassodor, which probably costs
one fourth the price !!!!!

Dino Daquin says:

I hate this indy english, dunno why but I hate it

CarToqVideos says:

Thanks 🙂 We are trying to get the Pajero Sport!

ajinkya sathe says:

superb carrr

Dino Daquin says:

I hate this Indy English, arrgghhh!!!!

pwetngkalabaw888 says:

i believe they already change the suspension of the new fortuner compare to
its 1st and 2nd generation.. so maybe it’s also comfortable as the pajero
sport and endeavor.. if i were u i’ll buy the fortuner.. technology inside
is very advance compare to pajerosport and endeavor

purplefabian says:

mushtash, hahahahhahahhaha dish berli suv,
ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha cool good vid though, but i hate asian
and us cars, german cars are the best

Husky Buddies says:

Yeah, I Really Need To Know What Car Is Better! I Hope You Will upload the
video this week or next month!

Shreyas verma says:

one of the best, good looking, powerfull ,muscular car available in india
i’l call it an ATV( All Terrain Vehicle)

Jamal Fakih says:

It looks like a smaller Land Cruiser

guri131 says:

O wow. Driving on a dirt road = Off roading. LOL . Epic Fail

Dhmi Bitaar says:

This gooooood car

Anurag i says:

hey guys u are the best in a small video you give a lot of information
about the car great going guys move on like this

happyshoppinglifede says:

nice review and good speaking easy understanable with out any fast response
thanks for u r review

sachin dhurve says:

i <3 this car

Patalee Doratiyawa says:

i love fortuner

wertyamatz22 says:

lalo sigurong lalakas benta nito kung may m/t dito satin..

mirankazi19 says:

faltu car

themanwithabrian says:

We have this in the Philippines:) I miss driving it!

SupraGroup says:

Nice and simple review ..keep doing more reviews

ecksor88 says:

Can’t stand your accent, bro.

Dino Daquin says:

Just Awful man


nice review ur better than overdrive and auto car……can u please review
also pajero sport

maxthehulk says:

i want to know which suv is better toyota fortuner or mitsubishi pajero
sport or ford everst



Reddylion says:

u need to chillax nigger, his south indian english is far better than the
north ind.

Akhil Ghosh says:

Wonderful review!! next time make it a bit longer explaining all the gizmos
inside! And thumbs up for using English and not Hindi..!

drakomal55 says:

You didnt complete the review… for example… what about boot space with
seats folded down… performance on rocky terrain…

Reddylion says:

nice review

adevilsdoctor says:

your review is so professional,all the best for your career!!

nilesh patidar says:

it looks like a smaller land cruiser

maxthehulk says:

great review and great car great job and i liked the video and liked the
car and i can tell you that you are one of the best


nice review and good speaking easy understanable with out any fast response
thanks for u r review. give review of pajero sport by comparison with

The Power of Dream says:

you should do more than just that ordinary off roading like that show us
what you can and cannot do with that vehicle

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