Toyota Fortuner in India! 3min Review by

Toyota Fortuner in India!  3min Review by

LINK to full review, test drive and pictures posted below) A quick review of the Toyota Fortuner recently launched in India at a very competitive price. Rea…



Rehaan Phone says:

@kapppppi thanks 🙂

dannysudha says:

Finally Good make by Toyota’s for India.

anishdokania says:

is this suv worth buying plzzz tell me i am confused between ford’s all new
endeavour nd toyota fortuner

fasbusa says:

Which song is this?

Rehaan Phone says:

@fossilshale Nope! Its very plain-jane on the inside.

amol shewale says:

this suv is great from the exterior but the interior makes me feel like in
a cheap innova, why did toyota not give an land cruiser interior.

Rehaan Phone says:

Thanks buddy. Stay tuned — another SUV video + review coming up in the
next few days.

mikeromeocharlie says:

automatic wont come bcoz its a four cylinder wont be good for auto

harvpila says:

I hope montero sport/pajero sport will come to india soon…toyota fortuner
has been the king of SUV in our country for the past 5 years but since the
introduction on mitsubishi montero sport last year,it’s beginning to
dethrone the fortuner..

ronak rathod says:

awesom musc

Anoushka Chatterjee says:

its totally like an innova bt wit a little bttr features!!….like a four
weel drive…wich cannot b used in mumbai streets

eklabams says:

I just want to ask about turning right or left in manual gear of fortuner
4×4 model vx 1. It’s hard to turn right or left in normal gear. But when I
put it in gear 1 plus then option LL that time its soft turning right or
left. My question now is it normal to have hard turning if your using
normal gear. Need your help guys. thanks

sridhar24 says:

This is the best SUV the money can buy for 20lakh! Amazing road presence.

Rehaan Phone says:

Blockhead – You’ve Got Maelstrom

Rehaan Phone says:

This is it. No automatic version as yet. Also, currently only one seating
arrangement. No “captain seats” option like the Innova V. Take a look at
the link in the info for more details.

rahul15786 says:

nice car

sunny p says:

yar wat’s the background music..? I love it …? tel me wat’s it

Rishab Jain says:

u r right its interior are very similar to innova

bharat6449 says:

its the monster

Moss Ratanakarl says:

this car is awesome !! very popular in Thailand bad thing is the M/T
version is carp (Toyota Thailand cut almost electronic options on board :
no buttons on the steering wheel, air condition is not the same as the car
in vids , no bars on the top of the car and its only available 2.5 diesel
vn turbo not 3.0 vn )

m bobby says:

no gps?

Rehaan Phone says:

Follow the link in the video info (click “more info” on the top right) –
you’ll get answers there.

harvpila says:

I don’t like the folding of the 3rd row seat..its blocking the window which
can lessen your visibility when you’re backing up.. my montero sport(pajero
sport) can sprint 0-100 in less than 11 seconds..btw nice preview, I really
appreciate it very much..


how many different models are available and do they have automatic gear
system?….does it have seating arrangement like in the v model of
innova..?…………! nice car !

Diju George says:

@anishdokania Toyota Fortuner is better than ford endevor .!!

Tool Mannan says:

Great job team-bhp team. I really appreciate the vision and unbiased
review. Wonder, running an automotive portal successfully without favouring
any manufacturer. Tons of information for enthusiasst. Keep it up.

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