Toyota Fortuner Expert Review

Toyota Fortuner Expert Review Toyota Kirlosker Motors unveiled the new version of its hot selling SUV model- Fortuner. The model w…



jamil hussein says:

Your tongue seems like entangled! You are mumbling! Urt Urt Urt Urt!

Rajiv Sethi says:

This is the worst description of an inherently good car.

Louw Pretorius says:

1:41 mercedes g wagon would crush the fortuner!!

Zam Sam says:

crap review. Please change the reviewer. He is an isScooter, sssSPider
man… type…

Jayanth Subramanian says:

A good car presented by probably the worst loser??!! 

Bhai Jaan says:

Dont be harsh public he might be new host needs some time to get over it

Abhishek Mehra says:

pathetic host, cannot speak convincingly

Timohty Dunacan says:

LOL , you look like someone selling DVD’s and umbrellas here in the

Vikas Chaudhary says:

what he said at 2:32, few more niggles have been added to the fortuner. i
think he himself don’t know that niggle means a small problem. pathetic.

Neeraj Lohani says:

I am not able to understand your english accent ,, plz upload again..

ashish parihar says:

he’s got a lisp…

Gaurav Garg says:

lame review. can’t believe its from

harjit singh says:

Buy two safaris 3 lt engine more safe vehicle in deadly accident any body
heard that some one die in a safari in a crash the tata strength tata
indica is double strong then swift

Srinivas Naik says:

car was awesome

Frijo Paul says:

whatever it is… AMBASSADOR is a class apart

84allstars says:

Papa ka mumy ka or ajanta mera , hahahahaha

Richard Grimshaw says:

Get a c r v

Ashish Chauhan says:

ratta mar ke aaya hai yeh banda i think

shubhromu says:

What’s with the shades dude!! its worse that that stupid lisp and awful

malmsteen2002 says:


Murthy Gunuputi says:

Zzzz…. sleepy!!!

84allstars says:

Fuckin fool , go try to sell toothbrush ,

Keerthi Kanda Hosahally Umesh Gowda says:

Anchor is a fool

joy amin says:


Imad Shahanez says:

fortuner excellent! who the hell is this butter face who stutters for each
word like an ambassador in Leh? HE IS BAD….

meh Gusta says:

Dumb review … The accent is so thick .. Hard to understand

Nakul Mehra says:

Pathetic review

jamil hussein says:

Whattt????? Tongue twisted.

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