Toyota Fortuner 2012



Wan Kuantan says:

Toyota is the best car

Husky Buddies says:

Fortuner Is The Best And It Rules

1isprikitik says:

@SirMirex7 respect this car or manufacturer ….so dont talk like a
engineer you whore!

نواف الصاعدي says:

والله شيء مشاء الله

Tanunpat Wongsamsri says:

ตัดสินใจไม่ถูก เอาสีไหนดี ดําก็สวย ขาวก็เด่น ชอบมากมาย คิดถึงรถคันใหญ่ ๆ
แต่ก็ยังรักเธอนะ honda

Arvid Ulf says:

How come Malaysia only got 2.5G diesel and 2.7V petrol.

mike shocker says:

2012 Fortuner. More strengthened, softened, powerful and most fastest SUV
in the world, relative to before because I still creating more lift in 2012
Fortuner. bacause the 2012 Toyota Fortuner confirms the sporting battle
Toyota could not afford to leave anyone “toyota” agains is MOVING forward
and with Toyota fortuner The World Is mine!

Sean Salt says:

@1isprikitik I never talked like an engineer, you illiterate fuck, reread
what I wrote – it’s called personal opinion. I also drove this new model,
it is seriously disappointing with all the new features. Respect the car,
no… and respect the manufacturer? HELL NO! Respect you? In your fucking
dreams bitch.

dennis yap says:

We have that fortuner we just brought it last october and it is a greate
car compared to montero sport because the only thing different is the
montero sport’s navigator BTW in terms of performance im sure toyotas
fortuner is comfortable with it

haloli41 says:

معاي وحده نفس النوع ، مافيه راحه ابد بس انه يتحمل ويكرف ماشاءالله

dqbillos says:

could you please traduce that to english? There are too many things I can’t
understand, thank You very much

Sean Salt says:

@Ronnelsky In the future, after I wisely invest my money, I will 🙂 But I’d
never invest in Toyota, ever…

Yohanes Wiranata says:

sweee car

عثمان محمد says:

pajero is the best

green house says:

@jjmaxx16 its smiling because someone is driving him lol

jjmaxx16 says:

i dont like the face of the fortuner looks like a happy face in 0:55

mohamed nasser says:

hmmm maybe this why its cheap?

zoro123456789x says:

تايلند ي

john barut says:

ya! pajero is good, but look at the price, you can buy 2 units of

kaekallaya says:

อยากทราบว่าเมื่อไหร่ all new ซักทค

Aakash Chaudhary says:

@The28H I don’t think you can say a Toyota will last longer, what with the
MILLIONS(and counting) of Toyota recalls! “Reliability” is merely a
marketing gimmick. It’s all about how you treat you car. Personally, I like
the look and feel of new Ford SUVs, like Edge and EXplorer.

cloudtrulyamazed says:

Pajero Sport VGT Rules!!!

edison manuel says:

asia- toyota =) u.s.- who know’s what- recession- best in the history of
marked down sucking cars of 2012.

PromotionToyota says:



feia muito feia sou mais a 2011

PmCastGaming CH says:

All NewFortuner

gogo123858 says:

روووووووعه ماشاء الله

The28H says:

@SirMire7 FordT sucks you Shithead!!! Toyota is like an Ipod?> yeah coz it
would last decades… your Ford will break down…. after 60 K mil. or 4

pocong191 says:

Very dissappointed with this model. The last facelift made a nice car look
a bit awkward, this facelift makes it look positively like a confused hodge
podge of I just don’t know what. It is so obviously a facelift, nothing
seems to fit the original body styleing and god I hate it cos it could have
been so damned good with some careful design. So sad cos I really wanted
one when the 2008 or 9 model was around, now there are much better looking
and speced SUV’s for the money.

Jimbo Tagarda says:

MONTERO rules!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the power and durability of the engine down
to the sporty looks'””” fortuner is like an old man trying to impress girls
on the other MONTERO is a young cool guy with many sexy girls on the side…

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