Toyota Fortuner 2012 4×4 capability demonstration

Toyota Fortuner 2012 4×4 capability demonstration

Toyota Fortuner 2012 4×4 capability demonstration at the 2012 KKNK Toyota South Africa stand in Oudtshoorn South Africa.



Beto Contigo says:

Poor man Toyota … Like the others

Anthony Dawson says:

To put it in the words of my friend “This video is very misleading”
They must have differential locks, which are not standard equipment, in
this video. We lifted one wheel (Traction control on) and all we got was 1
single spinning wheel no forward motion .
In HL & LL (locked central differential) placing the vehicle on rollers on
one side (front and back wheels on one side) the result is two spinning
wheels and no forward motion at all… Hello traction control why are you
not helping??
Basically if you want to do what is shown in this video you will need to
add front and back differential locks.
Would be very happy for Toyota to tell me I’m wrong and show me what set up
I need to use to do what they are doing here!

denzeil007 says:

it will be a different scenario if we put passengers inside the vehicle to
test how this vehicle perform. put test dummies inside the vehicle will see
how it goes.

สมพิศ พงศ์ไสว says:

เจ๋งมากๆ ครับ

Andi Law says:


Roy Pardede says:


shafin toshif says:

Toyota Fortuner is very good suv.I have one of 2013

John Larena says:

how about Mitsubishi montero sport 🙂

MIGerlag says:

Damm Dude, you don’t have to get so worked up about it, I was just pointing
out that its only about R40 000 more than the Fortuner, which makes the
Jeep very good value for money, most people can make that in a good 2
months in South Africa. So its actually just as affordable. By the way Jeep
and Dodge are part of Chrysler group and Fiat owns Chrysler group, it has
absolutely nothing to do with GM. And for future reference I suggest you
get your facts straight.

Jo Holtzhausen says:

I worked there with Toyota, and although I was not driving the Fortuner at
the time, I can assure you it is a VERY capable vehicle. Andre De Villiers
(Safari Centre) won the Bridgestone Fundi Challenge twice in a Fortuner,
and that was before they got traction control…

dhman001 says:

وش السالفة ؟؟؟؟؟

falh654 says:

لاتظلم نفسك كفووووو

LethalGamingYabbo says:

Pardon me, i ment affordable.

Guna sekar says:

Awesome car but the video quality is causing headache!

صارم العتبان says:

هاذي تجربت السياره قبل شرائيها عشان تتاكدون انها مضمونه

Vishnu R says:

not very good articulation at all

Mohanad EL-adrous says:

غبي الاخ ..! فين السيئ بالفيديو !!!!!!!

Raven Aii says:

If only Nissan USA export the ’05 Pathfinder into all the Asian market,
then the Frontier get a true competitor.

aboo111000 says:

ما شاء الله تبارك الله

Wsals S says:

الفورتشنر موديله 2012 وحاطين جنوط 2010 ليييه ووش هالبخل ياتويوتا عشان
خايفين تفشل التجربه؟؟

LethalGamingYabbo says:

For gods sake, stop comparing this to a luxury brand. jeep is owned by GM
and GM makes luxury cars. fortuner is just a normal SUV. if you really like
to buy the jeep. buy it then.

Moises Ramirez says:

is this the highlander in the us?

myfriends909 says:

تويوتا والجراند شيروكي جيوب قويه

Abdullah. Mansour says:


MIGerlag says:

Yeah, but not by much, Where I am in South Africa you can get a decent spec
Grand Cherokee for R550 000 or a base model for around R500 000, where as
The Toyota goes for R460 000, Don’t get me wrong the Fortuner is an
excellent vehicle, but if you compare them the Jeep is way more capable,
luxurious, comfortable, better looking and the base Jeep has way more
features than the top Fortuner, go test drive one for yourself. And for R40
000 more I’d rather save and get the Jeep.

Frank White says:


LethalGamingYabbo says:

PS, The Grand Cherokee is an american made suv. which makes it have more
features and be a luxury SUV. while the fortuner is Asian made. so it has
just simple SUV features would have.

عثمان محمد says:

ترا الفورتشنر حق ابو جميل ما يتقارن مع سيارات الدول الثانية .. لانه اصلاً
يجي ستاندر ويقلبه فل ابشن باكسسوارات صينية

LethalGamingYabbo says:

PS. if you want a luxury suv get the jeep then. more people buy the
fortuner because they could easily afford it. if i were you. i’d just get a
non luxurious car. the only thing cars do to you is get you to A to B.
transportation. i’m not picky in what car should i get. as long as it gets
me from my home, to another place. en back home safe. thats the point of
cars, mate.

Kairosabe says:


manjot sandhu says:

no…this particular toyota is on 4 runner platform

Kairosabe says:

???? shut up

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afridi50777 says:

I love it because i have it. Man just look how graceful is it.]

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