Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Demonstration and tour of the 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser, hosted by Hugh Golden at Pat Lobb Toyota in McKinney, Texas.



Stancil Campbell says:

What a croc to call an FJ an “Icon”…they only started making them in 2007
and are stopping this year. Hardly a minute in the world of automotive
time. Why my BJ70 Land Cruiser is 27 years old and I do not even consider
it to be old enough to qualify as an icon. And bragging about the MPG? He’s
smoking crack for sure… Yes, I own one of these FJ Cruiser and like it.

FederalNetwork says:

this guy is so good with his marketing that he can present 13mins of
information on a vehicle

SGespina says:

I like this car!

KarlandAmber Ehrhardt says:

Great review. Informative and spoken elegantly. Give that man a raise.


man what a great review. I really want the fj. love that chopped look in
the windows windows

rami073 says:

Great Sales Man

Jack Shen says:

jump directly to 8th minute to avoid all his BS

1bassman2007 says:

I love my FJ but it is true..poor visibility and the suicide doors need
room to really work

carl mcdermott says:

This guy obviously forgot about the jeep wrangler in best resale value. Not
to mention a way cooler ride. It has more aftermarket parts available.
Removable doors and tops more options and a better vehicle.

460cixy says:


kaneinsurance says:

@baloobear222 1. I own several companies, one of which being an insurance
agency. 2. I’m a 24 year old triathlete. 😉 Nice try though! Schadenfreude
is pathetic.

shivam220 says:

@patlobbtoyota ppl rather spend 999$ on alpine navigation system then 1400
on an toyota one

aky19832001 says:

This guy is great at presenting the vehicle. Good job.

patlobbtoyota says:

Navigation is available as a Dealer Installed option. Please call Larry
Parks at 813-900-5896. He is our Internet Manager and he can schedule you a
test drive appointment and answer any questions you might have!!!

Clement Chabernaud says:

“give toyota some off road creditability” guess the 4runner was overlooked.
along with the tundra, and tacoma… -_- guess this is one of thoes guys
who thinks a jeep wrangler is the best off roading rig..

mets558 says:

is that a supra in the back?

David Fuentes says:

he is going to make me buy one of this hahaha nice vid

Onnorc11 says:

And you type like you are 10 years old. D:

SuperRobot7 says:

How much longer until the Trail Team Edition FJs start arriving?

Eman Zankawi says:

i would like to buy this car so very much, but people say that there is a
problem with the rear door because it is difficult to enter, and also the
huge c-pillars cause blind spots.

Chris Wehunt says:

I seriously can’t stop noticing that his eyebrow is stuck in the “The
Rock’s People’s Eyebrow” position…kinda creeps me out honestly

carl mcdermott says:

hey dick its not my opinio iys fact try to buy a older jk for under 15

TheCarArchives says:

the 2007-present Toyota FJ Cruiser is assembled in Hamura, Tokyo, Japan
Guangzhou, China Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

sunnyjason says:

is that a supra in the back?

Ahmed Almogbil says:

It is capable and it has a great capabilities 😛

xximanoobxx says:

Skip to 1:24 if you hate in-video advertisement.

callxmexace says:

Piece of advice. Don’t spend so much time talking about whats true about
every car and make it sound like it is what makes your vehicle stand out
from the rest. That should have been done in 3 minutes. Thank you for
finally getting to the vehicle itself

radbcc says:

One of the best reviews I have seen. Amazing, how you can get high quality
salespeople in small southern towns. In the DC area (where I am from) they
do not know the product and they barely speak English. I would hire this
guy in a heart beat…

frips1000 says:

great salesman!!!!

qwertyuiopasdfgh10 says:

8 minutes talking.. OMG… shut up… we wanna u to give us a view of this

MrBenicia707 says:

The TOYOTA’s are coming

fantana501 says:

Very good job. You are very passionate in what you do and it shows.

asgher786 says:

wow that car has 3 wipers

flamingcartman312 says:

I <3 FJs.

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