Toyota FJ Cruiser Top Gear Australia Review

Toyota FJ Cruiser Top Gear Australia Review

Toyota FJ Cruiser Top Gear Australia Review S04E01.



qwikyking says:

i didn’t know top gear was about wakeboarding and world records… if i
wanted that i would have changed the channel… TG usa is even better than
this garbage… atleast TG usa is scripted to not be so annoying… this
guys really shouldn’t be on tv.

TriColorMonk says:

Wow I thought these guys were pretty good. I’m an American an am surprised
these guys get treated like top gear USA 

Taha H says:

Top gear Australia needs to fucking die… and I am an Australian…. I
know people who are so funny in Australia and talk properly you would not
believe… I am not sure where the fuck did they find these three cunts…
annoying as shit… I think they are selected just because they are sorta
fucking celebrities

akif altaf says:

the most idiotic review I’ve ever come across.. sheesh.. insult to Top Gear

Khaled Omais says:


Sara Burley says:

Not a shred of actual information. What a waste of time.. 

qazwas2001 says:

useless bunch of idiots

hugh richardson says:

Aussies are gimps

Lee Crampton says:

So true /

oneove07 says:


oCannabusdriver says:

and i thought american top gear was bad… wow…

Jordan Gast says:

Hmm, we’ll that was a great review…. If you’re 12 years old

Lukos0036 says:

Except for South America where Jeep has a bigger following than in the US.

Albert Sarangay says:

this is not a review.

qazwas2001 says:

This is fucking stupid. You know who doesn’t give a fuck about water
skiing? Someone who wants to see a proper review of the FJ…

roshanrr2006 says:

wtf is this shit,.. this is not funny and that idiot is annoying, do a dame
review.. so sick of these losers doing everything but a review.

Jim green says:

rubbish!! top gear australia is so fucking awful!!!

Hansca says:

this is why the show got axed… it’s crap!

FirstClassBogan says:

shit review for a shit car

micho faddoul says:

this looks like everything but a review

The SNCK says:

What a worthless review. Is it possible the Australian version is worse
than the American version?

Kovacs Krisztian says:

big-big shit. (not the toyota)

Blake Johnston says:

Funny thing is, Toyota isn’t getting rid of the FJ. That’s the stupid
media. They reported that it got discontinued back in 2009….but wait,
Toyota is STILL making them. Now isn’t that funny?

mullamark says:


lalocompi says:


TheGreggy711 says:

This isn’t a review.

DonnieLev says:


none none says:

Horrible review top gear Australia sucks major ass

iBeCruisinToyotaFJ says:

I agree!

Derek Anderson says:

That was the stupidest car review I’ve ever seen, thank you for wasting
3:17 of my life, that’s how far I made it before realizing you were just
doing a gimmick to try and be funny rather than an honest review. By the
way…it wasn’t funny. Let’s leave Top Gear to the Brits shall we?

acbarnett10 says:

What a pile of shit this clip is.

Chris Wong says:

No even funny…try too hard

Hatem Al-Khaldi says:

TopGear should knows better than having its repetition handled by a
careless, cocky and ridiculous guy.. Shame on you!!

KenLyns says:

The guy had an appearance in the Bourne Legacy!

KJV says:

is this a review or … a clown show ?

ThePunkyPugilist says:


hguzma4162 says:

Wheres the lights on the side mirrors?

Zack Huber says:

Who was that guy? No wonder the Australian show got cancelled…

Pedro DashT says:

One of the best markets that still use FJ40’s and thats how you review a FJ
cruiser fuck you all

zanesmith666 says:

wow this show is fucking bad

Mint Gecko says:

The Australian Top Gear is so bad…

Salvador Mora says:

WFT was this?

zanyredonkulous says:

so shit. why don’t you slam the door abit harder aswell

CHingis OmasheviCh says:

What a fuck

fhhsvnggbh says:

Where do i send the bill for my time?

Dmax734 says:

My jeep jk wrangler can do 240kmh. It has a hemi swap 🙂 a lot more fun
than this heep of junk. Can you carry 5 ppl with no doors going at 100mph
on 37 inch tires with this nope. Jeeps are better m/

Jasshands1 says:

so explain to my why toyota is getting rid of the Fj, the jeep was the
orginal that land rover copied, and are you kidding me about a defender,
land rovers in general are unreliable, i’ve owned one and it was garbage.
The Fj is a different take on a similar idea, and they do use jeeps for
expedition, many armies employ a jk8 variation of the jeep jk. Which army
uses the Fj, the Fj is a look alike with out the performance. and the jeeps
dont fall apart, have you not heard of the fampus 4.0l?

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