Toyota FJ Cruiser Review – Kelley Blue Book

Toyota FJ Cruiser Review – Kelley Blue Book

FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: Toyota FJ Cruiser. The Toyota FJ Cruiser was inspired by a rug…



Wan Lu says:

Those tiny windows are a PIta. If you get one get a chainsaw so you can get
out if you flip it.

Steinwaygrande says:

Toyota America are droppng this FJ Cruiser due to poor sales, yet here in
Australia we cant get enough of them. There is a wating list for them here.
Bloody great 4×4 on beach sand and muddy tracks in the wet season.

boyet aquino says:

Not an inch near the Hummer. this is ugly.

jekafilatov says:

Beautifull motor, power, and dash but crap interior, looks big but my dog
would hardly fit in the back seat. Great car for who hasnt got a big family

Holmes1MN says:

@Robertjcksn40 haha will agree to disagree there used to be a girl who went
to highschool with me, she had a one that her “DADDY” bought for her and
painted it pink…. and i have never driven one but i imagine they don’t
handle all that well:)

Mugwump Kwingwaage says:

Thats why they have money. Not spending on frills.

rocknrollax42 says:

i will stick with my 1995 toyota land cruiser thanks

dodgyplonk says:

You can’t deny this car is a peice of crap, if you do you’re just admitting
you’re an idiot.

Evansmustard says:

This was 2008, i don’t think HD was even available on YouTube then.

FJBaloo says:

i own one…best stock offroader!!! i pummel through mud! and on normal
drives i turn heads on the regular! no problem with visability…my voodoo
blue fj pulls mad women @hollisterjunkie9 the fj kills any jeep in
offroading…i go every jeep and crush them when im still stock lol @ kid
below me

akronflakesout says:

wranglers were great and novel…until everybody and their mothers got one.
now they’re just kinda bleh.

Adam Ph says:

Toyota Rips Aussie’s Off. In Australia this car is nearly $20,000 more than
in the U.S. Why… Because once upon a time Toyota made reasonably reliable
cars? That time has long past and Toyota now thinks Aussie’s have
Kangaroo’s that shit gold nuggets in everyone’s backyard. Kiss my Aussie
Arse Mr Toyota if ya think I’ll be buying your oil burning, unreliable
chunks of poorly made crap, that’s made from tin foil and spit.

Holmes1MN says:

@TypeDoubleR dont be to be immodest but it won car of the the year 6 years
running. So yeah its not a piece of shit.

Edwin Koh says:

in your face! LOL

05front says:

@2010Azadi but they are completly different nowadays. more stuff to break

markcaetano says:

Looks like a Hummer. That’s a bad thing. I’ll stick to to the ol’ Hilux

kraver l says:

I like the look of the back of the car. The front.. ehh.. not so much

Bryan Allison says:

Tonka! Tonka!

Nandewa Turay says:

Cool ?

johng813 says:


decibel333 says:

Love my Yaris; hate this ugly gas-guzzling monstrosity

Tenebrius1963 says:

@paulaelli To each his own…

Shaurya Gautam says:

@JeremyFuhenstasser Im not against it or any other offroader but Hummer was
the best for me and I’m pissed they defunct the fucking brand…

dodgyplonk says:

@NatureGnome ok, the toyota 70 series, 79 series, 80 series, 100 series and
all the nissan patrols. You actually missed my point, point being the fj is
modeled off the fj40 series, but made into a soft roader which is
disgraceful in the name of the original 40 series. If you’re an american I
don’t expect you to understand the difference in an offroader and a

toxiclown69 says:

@SLSfan25 if you just go by looks then your an idiot. I’ve seen the FJ
cruiser beat the jeep in off roading several times, even fords. This thing
is mostly made to go off roading, if you knew the slightest thing about
cars or trucks then you wouldn’t really judge on which is better because
they all have their flaws.

mrfitness123 says:

looks really functional.

maxthehulk says:

jeep cherokee is better than toyota fj cruiser simply for one reason and it
is because jeep has 4 doors ordinary but this has ugly bad doors 2 or

johng813 says:

@nikkormac u have to be retarded jeeps are better, Fj crusiers have poor
visibility and dont have a good turning rate. And there not as well on
offroad i have seen and compared with a jeep. Plus jeeps are cheaper.

Rsimon859 says:

@drummerblade The H2 is a Tahoe essentially, which are known to be beasts
off road. and the H3 is the same, if not better than the wrangler rubicon.
Though, the 2-door rubicon is slightly better because its a box and we all
know boxes go over things much easier than rectangles.

Judy G says:

Great site with tons of FJ Cruiser accessories!!


in my opinion, you cant beat toyota

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