Toyota FJ Cruiser comparison against Jeep Wrangler Unlimited by Jason Swoszowski

Toyota FJ Cruiser comparison against Jeep Wrangler Unlimited by Jason Swoszowski

Jason Swoszowski from provides a competitive comparison with the 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser against the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unli…



william112004 says:

comparison? where is the jeep? i only see an fj fanboy here

Cam says:

He lost 100% of his credibility when he flat out lied about the
manufacturer warranty on the Jeep…the Jeeps is actually SIGNIFICANTLY
better than the FJ cruisers and additionally you have the option of getting
a full lifetime warranty on it and you can even do quite a bit of mods
without voiding the warranty! Also, you want to talk about safety, maybe
they made the FJ rate so highly because they know people will constantly be
running into stuff cause you can’t see out of the massive pregnant roller
skate you bought. For the guy about ask your dealer to buy your wrangler
for 19…I sell jeep’s and if you’re comparing apples to apples
features/years/miles etc, you will get more for your Wrangler EVERY SINGLE
TIME! We can’t give those freaking FJ cruisers away when they are on the
lot. It’s just so easy to be like “you think that is cool, well come look
at this rubicon!” Our average FJ sits on the lot until it goes to
auction….I ur wranglers sell in a few days if they even have a chance to
make it through safety and detail! For the FJ fan boys put there, from
experience in northern idaho, the FJ is like trying to sell a turd to a fat
guy when you have a box of Krispy Kreme parked next to it!

ben b says:

your smoking crack ……. the wrangler has the BEST resale of any vehicle
made . put that in your pipe and smoke it . 

Makin Shooties says:

get the fuck out of here. the jeep dominates off road period its so much
more capable its laughable.
don’t get me wrong i like toyota i have owned plenty of yoga 4×4’s both old
and new

Moparman90 says:

This fat lummox has no idea. Hey guess what buddy, the model you are trying
to sell is so crap it is now defunct, Wrangler still going strong.


Basically, if you want to drop the kids off at soccer practice – get a
toyota. If you want to make it up the hill – buy the Jeep Wrangler.

Cole Warwick says:

this guy is an idiot. he has to resort to talking strictly about safety to
make the fj look good. sure the jeep doesnt have 30 airbags but that doesnt
mean the fj is better or that the jeep is unsafe by any means. first off,
lets clean up some bullshit that spewed out of this dumb ass’s mouth. all
jeeps come standard with daytime running lights. To get a jeep with the
optional automatic transmission, its still cheaper than a baseline fj. The
carpet in jeeps is easily removable to make it as easy to clean as the fj.
the fl only has more room in the back because the back seat has as much
room as a freaking mustang. now to talk about the jeeps strengths over the
fj. the jeep comes STANDARD with a removable top (whether you decide to pay
the extra money for the hard top or softop, it doesnt matter), removable
doors, and a windshield that has the ability to fold down. it also has the
option for leather, navigation, an upgradeable sound system, front and rear
lockers, and front swaybar disconnects. the jeep will also outperform the
fj offroad every time. its our “clear cut winner”

Eric Vaughn says:

Well, there are plenty of reasons why the FJ is discontinued…talk about

Codidicus says:

A good product bashes its competition…. A great product speaks for

HatesUsernamesV2 says:

Both of these cars are great. I have both and i use my FJ for everyday use
and my Willys for those special days

djarizona says:

Strike 1. I hate day time running lights we have them on an entire fleet of
police vehicle where I work and most people manual over-ride shut them off.
Strike 2. Side curtain air bags just add to the cost of an already
expensive vehicle so I will accept a certain level of risk and live with a
seat belt & air bag. Strike 3 FJ is $5000 more than a Jeep.

Gustavo Zuniga says:

This guy forgot to mention

XJet1982 x says:

Dude you can run your mouth all you like crappin on jeeps. But at the end
of the day that Toyota is ugly. Nuf said….

JeepJeep234 says:

This guy, doesn’t really know anything about either of them.

ukfan4sure1 says:

I’ve owned them both. The Jeep has the visual appeal, but the FJ is a
better vehicle. I can actually hear the radio and it doesn’t rattle over
every bump.

acteuro03 says:

Well for starters the Wranglers do have the option of daytime running
lights. But let’s look at things the Jeep does that the FJ doesn’t:
removable doors, removable roof, soft top or hard top option, front and
rear lockers, swap bar disconnect, an interior that HAS changed since its
release in 2007, top of class clearance, 290hp 3.6 DOHC, fold down
windscreen, and 3rd row seating option just to name a few

26snackman says:

Toyota based truck famed vehicle has more American parts than Jeep
products. The only reason why jeep would be better than the FJ is because
the FJ has an independent suspension and a multi-link solid live rear axle.
While the Jeep wrangler has a front and back solid live axles. But its a
trade off while on road. The Toyota is much more on-road worthy than the
jeep by far. while the Jeep is more off road worthy. Both vehicles are very
good off-road. A stock FJ could do almost anything a stock jeep can.

Jim Cash. says:

Ya FAT JIT BAG ! whenever ya get close by..look me up. till then
Grammar these NUTS ! your a fat ass joke. Go play with that Barbi toyota

Richard Quant says:

Can you take the doors off? Is there room in the back seat? 4 real doors?
Can you take the roof off? And as far as safety goes how about being able
to see out the back of the FJ?

All big nopes.

Don’t get me wrong, loved my 4runner, but the FJ just doesnt do it. Not to
mention the million more upgrade potential on the jeep. Wanted manual cause
im not a girl. My jeep has 5 year 100k warrantee. Have 3 years of free
roadside, do my own oil changes. And i only take couple thou hit when i
sell it in 4 or 5 years. 

thewhistler says:

Very Bias Review, so lets clear it up a bit:
#1 The point on running lights is Irrelevant… My Wrangler has running
lights and this is the law where I live. If you feel the need to have day
time running lights turn on your low beams. In fact when I took the driving
test years ago you failed if you did not turn your low beams on in the day.
#2 Though the FJ stops shorter then the 4 door wrangler unlimited edition,
the 2 Dr Wrangler stops shorter then the FJ by 2 feet.
#3 Side Curtain airbags are great. Perhaps wrangler does not have this
because of the removable doors?
#4 Jeep actually got “poor” on side, and Marginal on rear. FJ got Good all
around. This is largely in part because of the removable top and doors. So
an FJ is defiantly something better for hauling the kids.
#5 Two years Toyota care sounds nice. I get 5 years bumper to bumper, but I
have to pay for my oil changes. It would be nice to get free oil changes.
I wonder if Toyota care covers synthetic too, since that is the only thing
I will run.
#6 More information is needed on these JD power studies. Where are the
vehicles being driven? Are certain ones being driven off road a lot more
then others, and put in situations where they can break more? Which JK
models have more problems?
What was the condition for the problems. Etc… Studies are only useful
when one has access to them.
#7 An Automatic Transmission? I would pay extra not to have one. I would
rather have the better gas mileage and have more control when I am
off-road. In our Jeep club I would say less then 20% run automatics, and
usually those who do wish they had standards. I guess if everyone was mall
crawling this would not be as relevant, but that’s not what the Jeep club
#8 Towing capacity is a little better in the 4dr wrangler, but it is still
superior in the FJ. I had an old Land Cruiser and we used to tow wagons
with it on the farm and use it like a tractor. I would not do that with one
of the new ones though, they are too pretty looking to bang up.
#9 I have taken the hose to the interior of my jeep multiple times, and the
carpets also come out easily if you know your going in the mud. The Jeep
also has floor plugs to let out the water. Everything in the Jeep is
designed for this, however I would never do this to an FJ.

Honestly I do not feel that one is better then the other, but I do think
they are for different people. If you compare it as a family car the FJ
will always win. But for what I do, I will keep my Wrangler. I honestly
cannot see myself every buy anything else. 

muddy mudder says:

FJ is total shit for hardcore off-roading 

Gary Keith says:

A very fair comparison posted by a Toyota salesman! Give me a break you
loser, properly title your video fanboy! Lets see you take that POS rock
crawling against a Rubi!

August Moon says:

This video wreaks of desperation….

royale says:

I would have thought a competitive comparison between two offroaders would
include comment about off road capability. Approach & departure angles,
ground clearance, articulation limits, crawl ratios etc.
May as well compare numbers of cup holders and vanity mirrors for all this
is worth.

Super Kyle says:

One word, Jeep.

DreadlockDrummer says:

in my opinion, fj is better built and will last longer, but if you have a
family but also have time and money to do something like rock crawling on
weekends, jeep wrangler can have 4 proper doors, and has a solid front
axle. much better for rock climbing. as for desert racing, then IFS wins.
but still, if you have a family, the fj is pretty much a joke.

Titus Yeh says:

I thought he was about to start counting the number of cup holders.. This
fool talking about daytime running lights lmao are you that lazy to turn
your headlights on?

Abdullah AbdulRahman says:

Toyota FJ Cruiser comparison against Jeep Wrangle…:

Nùi Dẻ says:

if you want a smooth ride and good mpg then get your self a pink prius or

nvh dutch says:

lol.. this dude loves the word too.. fact too haha nervous much?

Stuka87 says:

This guy spends so much time talking about safety, yet the FJ has some of
the worst visibility of any vehicle on the market. massive blind spots that
are a very real issue with them. Plus you can even see the lights on a stop
light unless you lean way forward.

Bill says:

I’ve never heard someone use the word “Too” so much. 

Will Ster says:

How unfortunate that Toyota is discontinuing the FJ Cruiser. I really
wanted to buy a 2015 FJ Cruiser, however they won’t be making them anymore.

julio rodriguez says:

I want to see a real off road comparison anyone know???? Day time running
lights what the hell?

Mark S says:

4:29, he says Toyota ranked third in initial quality with 77 more problems
per 100 vehicles. Is he trying to sell Toyota, or not?

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