Toyota Etios Road Test Review

Toyota Etios Road Test Review In 2010 the Japanese auto giant, Toyota, entered the small car segment with the introduction of Toyota …



Susram Rahul says:

Lame review. Start speaking bold, exhibit potential features. 

Mayank Singh says:

The guy who is speaking in the mid section is so lethargic n lazy.. Give a
real review, not crap feature list that can be read on the website as well.

Aryaman Sharma says:

Funny video …. They make it like kida

Kabriskhalis says:

for which comment you are replying. i cant find my comment on this video

Sarvagya Tiwari says:

Totle… kya bol rahaa hai??

Kabriskhalis says:

i basically want an armrest and rear adjustable headrests.

amarendra bandla says:

to the speaker: why are you whispering?

Kamal DS says:

Pretty bad review.

CarDekho says:

Yes, why not? But we would not suggest you to go for the same, as it can
diversely effect your car’s performance.

Aryaman Sharma says:


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