Toyota Etios on OVERDRIVE



Joel Masa says:

This car is better than those sucking ascent,manza and shift desire

prithwish sen says:

i have owned a etios v petrol millage is 13.2 in city and over 17 on the
highway i love it

maximus1991 says:

this car has the worst interiors for 7lacs…….v need justification to
sum extent in everything for buying a car for such a big amount…….

SupportForToyota says:

Nice Toyota! Finally Toyota gets what it deserves, QUALITY. Congratulations
India, congratulations Toyota

Siddharrth Jay says:

this is the worst car in its category and has lesser value for money
compared to its rivals. And it is the worst looking car when compared with
its rivals. in short this car sucks..

Austin Payne says:

i just did a search on google. they look different.

ds313 says:


Rhythm Divine says:

this is chip ass echo sold in north america

Madhavan M says:

most succesfull japaneese manufaturer HONDA!!!!!!

Saptaswa Charan Rakshit says:

@123madhavan actually the truth is that toyota and thier subsidaries like
lexus and subaru are the largest automobile producers and sellers in the

Manish Manish says:


sameermhaskar says:

What about the paper tin body ? Is it reliable ?

dushyantx says:

yes, and echo sells like hot cakes in canada and USA

gurnoor singh bajwa says:

this is the best car

kirenjohn says:

My Parents foolish bought this car against my advice, now even they regret
it. Did you know that even rear speakers are not included in the price. No
digital climate-control, horrible rattle in diesel variant, bad AC, hideous
Dashboard, cheap rip off entertainment system lacking even USB, forget
about Bluetooth. The only good things about this car is the Boot Space
which is larger than many other vehicles. Otherwise this car sucks.
Hopefully my parents will listen to me next time they buy a car.

uyeahuyeah says:

Check out the ridiculously looking grille… So ugly…

ssppaandian says:

etios may not have the right interiors and elegant exteriors. But it has
the right blend of space , power , fuel economy , features , reliability
and the trust worth TOYOTA brand. This is a car that will last long unlike
the dzire or manza. I want people to remomber that. If u r getting this car
, you will understand the car in a lin of 3 to 4 years or more.

TheBeccaMoura says:

My father bought this car ,when he told me I almost died ,i mean WTF ¬¬’

spaceydecember says:

Your review was much appreciated. I wish your conclusion was a little more
whollistic for viewers. I could easily have edited 2 minutes of this video
and made it a lot more opinionated. I respect opinionated reviews mind you.
For those reading, this is basically an inexpensive, ugly, efficient, well
engineered vehicle which does the hard yard. A safe bargain I’d say for
people upgrading from a smaller car to a more family based lifestyle car

Jisho Prasenan says:

Etios is not a new car of TOYOTA nor its madexclusive for india. Its just a
facelifted version of “TOYOTA Echo” (probably the worst toyota ever) Evenif
they retails it in india for around 5lks, they are getting almost 30%
profit. Yaaar belive it or not , this car is really that cheap!

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