Toyota Etios Liva vs Maruti Swift Video Comparison (petrol and diesel) –

Toyota Etios Liva vs Maruti Swift Video Comparison (petrol and diesel) –

The Toyota Etios Liva scores big on two points — fuel economy for the diesel variant and on interior space. The Maruti Swift is better on features and perfo…



Naresh Bombal says:

liva is better anytime …

MoronSoldier says:

Gotta be kidding me with this video. LOL. Such subjective opinion. Clearly
shows the bias towards the Swift.

Personally I love Swift, couple of my friends own the ZDi and even ZXi, but
they themselves feel that the new 2013 facelift Liva is far better than
their Swifts, which not to mention is dime a dozen to be found on the
roads. Moreover, the Liva is far more spacious the milage is a close 18-19
contest between them. Infact the Liva Xclusive costs about 4.99L and is FAR
more feature equipped that Swift Z series which costs about 80-90k more
than it, the only difference being ABS missing from the Xclusive Liva,
which then again is a matter of debate as if you know how to properly apply
the brakes the ABS is rendered obsolete.

Both cars are decent Swift has been a hit, but it’s getting outdated and
Maruti-Suzuki has to come up with some good improvements and a decent cost.

Uma Suri says:

This is really a biased review… .the swift here is the top end
model…and liva shown is a base model…so obviously he will say that the
swift looks better

CarToqVideos says:

Good idea, man. We will try to do that in our future videos! Many people
don’t have the patience to sit through longer videos, that’s why we try to
keep them short.

jazzco baz says:

y do you say that??? asking coz im planin to but liva……heard that the
new liva has a new suspension,insulation… yea….

Ankur Sharma says:


puja akka says:

liva gdsp is good compare to swift

ankit tirkey says:

maruti swift ka.price Jaada hai

ankit tirkey says:

@thakare96 i agree wid u bro..

nepaliman says:

Hello there.. Your videos are good., but can you go in little more depth …

Will Ferell says:

very true review, liva is sluggish

ankit tirkey says:

liva se..

Sravan Kumar says:

Iam planning to buy new car, it would be better u compare new Liva with

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