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Toyota Etios Cross Review ‘First Look’ – AutoPortal The Etios Cross is aimed at a younger generation of customers who live the active life. It is aimed at peop…



World Of Vikram says:

Very good review, I think yours is the first Indian review of the Etios
Cross on YouTube. Kudos especially to the reviewer who speaks very well,
unlike some of the horrid reviewers on channels like Power Drift.

One question, does the Etios Cross have a Mini SUV feel, like the Duster /
Terrano / EcoSport, or is it more of a beefed up small car? By the looks of
it, I really can’t tell, whereas if I go by its price, it is much, much
cheaper than the Dusters and Terranos, which is where I am a bit puzzled.

Thanks in advance!

sahi sha says:

whats ur opinion comparing with swift (diesel)about engine side,noise and

紫暮龍誉 says:

Nice car, shame we do not have it in Japan.

Ind Rus says:

i have watching your few of other autoportal reviews as well.. your car
choice is excellent that matches to the taste.. thanks.

Ashish Masih says:

thanks for your kind words…no, it doesn’t have that mini-SUV feel…it
just looks beefy, inside its the same Liva hatchback…go for the Ecosport
if u want that mini-SUV feel

AutoPortal India says:

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