Toyota Corolla T-Sport Review – With Richard Hammond (2001)

Toyota Corolla T-Sport Review – With Richard Hammond (2001)

Richard Hammond test drives and reviews the Toyota Corolla T-Sport. This “hot” hatchback with its 1.8 litre, 16V VVTi engine, produces 189BHP, does 0-60 in 8…



Men and Motors says:

#RichardHammond reviews a 2001 model #Toyota #Corolla T-Sport. #MenAndMotors

metaladdict24 says:

good job you got the facts right, it’s a 1,8 to start with, 192 bhp and it
has VVTLI 

Jean V says:

Oh, come on. It’s not a 2.0L; it’s a 1.8. And it’s not a VVTI but a VVTLI,
L stands for lift.

Sebastian Hejlman says:

in car brochure toyota says it has 8.4 sec 0-62mph coz in the same time
they had celica with the same engine to sell;P so they tell corolla is
slower coz whos gonna buy less practical celica then?

Ross Murray says:

He said its a 2 litre then 2 seconds later said it was a 1.8 lol

fastcar 123 says:

Richard Hammond before people knew who he was

snorlix says:

8.4 ? lol 7.4 okai, stock, trust me

Audi123000 says:

Sound is a bit quiet

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