Toyota Corolla AE86 owner review and buying advice

Toyota Corolla AE86 owner review and buying advice

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Be The Change says:

Grande carro… Os preços deles dispararam nos últimos anos (Talvez por
influencia de 1certo filme e da moda drift) 

Kuba D says:

You still don’t know almost nothing about this car, this engine is one of
the most realiable and resistant constuction toyota ever made. This car is
purity, delicacy, handling perection and what Toyota made it for, FUN. Its
4A sound makes you want everething else literally shut up. It is one of the
most balanced construction ever made, which most newer compact sports car
can only imagine of, that’s why you see those cars on racing circuits,
rally stages and hated by you, drift events. You get lot’s more fun and joy
in that little coupe, than in super cars.

The only thing i agree with you, is that it’s expensive. But if you are a
real petrol head, YOU DON”T CARE, which you aren’t, because you do prefer
to save some money, istead of getting FUN.

razvan43 says:

Great car.I have an Honda Civic from 1997 and it’s a good and reliable
car.What a beautiful country Portugal is!!!

Howie Loso says:

I had 1984 Tercel hatchback and 1987 Tercel sedan. Both were great little
cars. Mine were carbureted. Always started in coldest of Minnesota winters.

Tony Mira says:

What type of oil do you use, I heard 10W40, but do you use synthetic or

Rui Dias says:

eu ando a poupar para um carago xD

Ray Tsang says:

So…you didn’t watch Initial D at all?? XDD

joel jdm says:

I want one so bad

SuperTuga Portugal says:

Muito BOM. É de louvar haver gente que se dedica e cria vídeos
informativos, cheios de conteúdo e informações úteis! Bom gosto e muito bom
trabalho. Gostei do vídeo e do discurso.

JoshuaM says:

Was hoping to see this car you are driving. Like a walk around. 

EightSixFan says:

Nice video review! It seems your AE86 is very clean on the inside. I’m
hoping that I could be a proud owner of one (trying to get a Trueno version
to the EU). The AE86 will be used a daily driver, and sometimes on the
track for fun :).

Ryan McNeil says:

Very interesting thoughts! I can tell you’re honest with your points. I
myself am an AE86 fanatic. It’s a beautiful car, but I’ve been very
hesitant over the extreme price (cough cough “Initial D Tax”). I’ve wanted
one for similar reasons of wanting to start learning about mechanics. Maybe
one day, maybe one day.

Dima Minko says:

Hi João

Heh i’m also some kind of IT guy (L10N QA engineer), and bought this car
not for drift, the only diffrrence that i’ve bought it prior i’ve got my
drivers license))) and it’s my first car)

noah craig says:

how much did you pay for the car

andre pinto says: também tenho a mesma ideia.
um dia destes comprar um carro clássico.
Vi o video ate ao fim e concordo com tudo o que disseste
Eu tenho um café a beira da farmácia da portela especializado em
se saíres na saída do minuto 16:50 do teu video vais la direito.
Aparece lá um dia para tirar-mos umas impressões.

SuperTuga Portugal says:


Erik Wiedemann says:

I really love this car! But you just can´t find these in Germany. I would
propaply have to import one from Japan lol.

ぷらすわんたに says:

To João Rocha da Silva
It is Taniplus1 Nice to meet you.
I also have to AE86 Corolla Levin.
It is a very good car!

Helder Fontes says:

Very good video 🙂 You have a beautiful car and it is very pleasant to
drive 🙂 I can confirm that, as I have drove it. You also have done a
remarkable job repairing the gearbox and all the details you have been
addressing since you have this car. I remember how the gearbox was. Now it
is like new, or better than some new car, in my honest opinion.
Keep the good work 🙂 And also keep enjoying your car, of course :)

byron chavarria says:

Ive always said if you park your car and don’t look back. You’ve bought the
wrong car.
My coupe ae86 hasn’t stop making me smile since i bought it
in my opinion cars now lack that character old cars have.

TheMrZomboss says:

your sir is the best i would do the same thing but i love going on tracks
but still its a really good video because you bought the ae86 because you
can learn everything on it i would also do it so its awesome that you
bought a real classic like the AE86 and if you know INITIAL D then you may
want to tune it if you want :DD
and im curious if you will either scrap the car or sell i know its a wierd

João Rocha da Silva says:

Is the AE86 a good car for you? I will try to explain my views and things I
have learned in the past as an AE86 owner. I also perform all the
maintenance in this car, so I believe I can give an informed opinion on
some of the mechanical aspects to watch out for.

ajien coper says:

this ae86 s dohc engine because some ae86 have sohc

steve says:

very true 🙂

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