Toyota Aygo hatchback 2014 review – Carbuyer

Toyota Aygo hatchback 2014 review – Carbuyer

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Nathanael R. says:

Wow! A Toyota that doesn’t look boring! (besides the FRS)

dailyforman says:

those boobs are getting bigger with every review… pregnancy? :D

Makky Khan Shummer says:

I hate such small cars. They struggle like bitch when overtaking or on up
hill. I hate it. I test drove Yaris 1.5 and still felt like shit drive.
Even Aurs 1.8’s drag was a shame. Don’t buy this SHIT

nurbsenvi says:

Japs can’t design for shit.

johannes914 says:

No cruise control available on those cars …

mustsilm says:

People, its a car review, just to remind.

Chrstian mrclep says:

I cant stop and stare at the seatbelts for some resson? why …

Gary W says:

I’m in the market for a new city car and this one is very tempting. Will
wait for the NCAP results. Don’t need a big boot. It’s a city car and
that’s what back seats are for! I had no trouble putting my rucksack, coat
and a few bags of shopping from Sainsburys in the boot of the old Aygo and
for 360 days a year that’s all you need.

Chrstian mrclep says:

Hey Carbuyer! Are you going too review the new 2014 VW POLO?

2stroketurbo says:

this car is not available in the US

Riswan Ahmad P says:

The previous model looks good and smart, but this one is too ‘love it or
hate it’ design. That front bumper looks like a guy gets angry after being
thrown a pie on his face

viktor jakobsson says:

The car looks quite sporty to be honest. Great review as always Rebecca!

Ash Osh says:

I had to watch the video twice because honestly then tits took me by the
first time I watched it 

BlondHulk says:

She is so fucking hot.
Great review though!

lostn65 says:

So ugly..

alrightbob says:

The Skoda Citigo, VW Up! and Seat Mii have those pathetic pop out windows
for back seat passengers too. Citroën DS4 doesn’t even have opening rear
windows. Fine with the tinny sounding door closure but don’t short change
the Aygo, C1 and 107 which have them on a five door. 

1seipai says:

Where is the review of the new M3/M4? 

karupspc1 says:

I love you Rebecca 

Carbuyer says:

The #Toyota #Aygo is the newest city car on the market. Take a look at our
review and see what we think…

misterpepe8 says:

Do the volkswagen sportsvan

Ahmed Alshamsi says:

Most attractive reviewer 

Tiago Ruivo says:

I see all fo her reviews…

Johnny Wrong says:

“Bold styling” in Toyota speak means “fuck ugly”.

Vince Dae says:

*listen* ……………………….. Awkward silence :p

Julio Coello says:

I really like this one, but I’m not a fan of that huge X in the front… at

iPhone3GSCase says:

do some more audis plz tenkz

HectorNintendoCraft says:

Definitely the one of the three I’d go for.

juschill7 says:

why cant we have these cars in the U.S? I had an Aygo for two weeks in
Germany and averaged 50mpg!!

Ingólfur Sigurbjörnsson says:

This car is sooooooo ugly

Gergely Kondás says:

Does Toyota have a good reputation?
C1 & 107 were same like Aygo…. and they are made not in Japan!
So, who has a good reputation?
Maybe it used to have.

Leo Phan says:

3:57 She is Married !

Alain Paulis Garmendia says:

look the 4:19 saying that the boot is now 29 METERS bigger than before.

Nova_Eleanore says:

This better be the next gen Yaris for the U.S.

cacaaleau says:

Woahhh A woman who can park a car wihout crashing it – that’s mad !!!!


I’m sorry, but I cannot watch these reviews anymore! In Canada we get so
few nice cars whilst any subcompacts are literally featureless
econo-boxes… England you make me jelly.

Brice Regts says:

A reversing camera, really? If you need a reversing camera in a car like
this, go burn your drivers’ license.

Rudi Man says:

No pink panties? Cammonnn Rebecca….
All jokes on the side – nice review.

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