Toyota Avensis Tourer estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota Avensis Tourer estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

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Carbuyer says:

+Yathu Prem – that’s not really what our channel is about! Maybe you’d like
+Auto Express instead?

z00h says:

Much better than Insignia.

gmax876 says:

This car looks lot like the Toyota Venza from the US market.

lambosuperl says:

There’s probably more negatives than that.. What about the fact that you’ll
fall asleep as soon as you step into the car?

Garbis Tapacian says:

great bum! ugly car :)

Geras Draugas says:

What size are those boots?

barozanul2 says:

Reading,Lower Earley?

xBuzz996 says:

There is one thing i don’t get. In the UK, they lower the taxes on diesel
cars because of efficiency, right? But here in Sweden, the taxes on diesels
cars are the double as the petrol car taxes, and the petrol and diesel is
the same price! Wtf Sweden?

TheLife4Drive - Motomaniac World says:

Good review. Not car for me now, but maybe some day when i have kids and
family… Maybe why not.

michal03966 says:

Please do not compare Avensis to Octavia … 

BartSimpson says:

Toyota actually made a car which is pleasing on the eye……

Matt R C says:

god, she’s sooo sexy!

mobb deep says:

Add more muscles to the thighs and u’ll look the sexiest

Sam Tyson says:

Those engines are shocking specs wise it’s 2013 not 2003!

mobb deep says:

Hot chic

theslimeylimey says:

If you take a cat and stroke its head REALLY hard it will look like the
front end of most cars these days.

Michael Lee says:

rebecca i m the first……

Neo Hideo says:

not some Skoda or KIA with bs high customer satisfacion rates but Toyota
with real TUV and DEKRA highest reliability ratings are the best everyday
affordable cars

olli tuovinen says:

I don’t think Toyota has ever created a good-looking car

Bilal Ahmed says:

Avensis is far more better then passat and insignia !!!

scorpionbeware says:

Dear Rebecca, your voice is just amazing and the accent is just
incredible. I wish every women in Britain had an accent like you. 

mustsilm says:

Suzuki SX4 S Cross 2013

Alaatin61 says:

The car looks nice to

Martin Cooper says:

i think most people will call it an estate and for the cars with the seats
that dont fold flat, flip the squabs forward

Ruslan Tsekhmeystruk says:

The most pleasing female car reviewer to look at by far! She’s also a good
reviewer in general :)

bbm1233211 says:

now its time to moan!

TheTonicro says:

what about auris tourer, looks decent do a review

Ricardo Gomes says:

I like so much this estate lol dont know why but i think its so much
prettier than the germans all the same style.
Nice job Toyota

Piyum Monarawila says:

nice vehicle

Chris R says:

When will we see the review of Rebecca?!

farmer6861 says:

Have we really already forgotten about the unintentional acceleration & the
inadvertent airbag recalls?

Oliver Newell says:

Deserves a higher score than 2.7 out of 5. This is a very good car.

azazel says:

rebeca please don’t do car reviews, I am not able to concentrate on the

carkadk says:

Which jacket is she wearing??

Crazyalex360 says:

No magic editing as in Matt’s video =P

jeremy j says:

Nice bum :)

Gergely Kondás says:

What an ugly car!
Accord looks much better!

visionist~ says:

Love the style, but when every taxi in the city is the same Toyota tourer,
i’d think twice and consider all options on the table.

valicourt says:

Just spend two hours in one of these in a taxi. And it didn’t pass the
“will it hurt my backside” test.
Doesn’t seem to drive refined at all and I could even hear the exhaust when
And the secret storage in the back…. Not a secret anymore, is it??
Enjoyed the review do.

Gene Cage says:

Another terrible Toyata design, must be one of the world’s ugliest cars

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