Toyota Auris Touring Sports estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota Auris Touring Sports estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

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Keisha Cole says:

Think I prefer the new vauxhall Astra 

Vincent Tan says:

New cars are getting more and more boring.

aggelos nst says:

Toyota auris 1600 active..
Does it have start-stop??

sourov hossain says:

I prefer saloon cuz saloon is men’s car

Rakesh Shanmugam says:

Anyone else think a convertible would look pretty good? Look at the
thumbnail! It’d look slick!

Armin McFroogleg says:

+Johnny Wrong You’re butthurt, you comment on every single video about US
or Japanese cars, your comments are never positive, you’re just a whiny

Lee HO MAN says:

0:57 that wink.

munteruk says:

Toyota Australia take note! This is a car you should bring to Australia. It
has been years since you sold a corolla wagon and the market has overtaken
you. Bring a hybrid wagon and retake the lead!

desmanc2 says:

She isn’t the prettiest, but as I watched each review, can’t help liking
her cute smile…

B007 says:

I gauge the general UK weather by what rebecca wears on her reviews. Must
be pretty chilly and wet over there right now.

fundiver198 says:

How come there are fewer moving parts on the hybrid? Its a much more
complicated construction, so I would expect just the opposite to be the

Andrej Kisselev says:

She looks better than the car.

Amm Cruz says:

♥♥♥♥♥ RJ

Venkat Nadimpalli says:

we do! there’s a golf wagon (not sure if it’s still sold), and the i30
wagon. I think the “Auris” is sold as the new corolla, it looks a lot like

Yell Cris says:

Nice w*nk 😉

TheAndiBay says:


marco fava says:

pretty much every straight guy here has, she a good reviewer, a good driver
and she’s easy on the eyes, what’s not to like?

Vagelis Giannadakis says:

She’s got the hang of it! Great review!

Johnny Wrong says:

Imaginative comeback.

Joe Morello says:

awesome video, cool car, : )

Jack Watt says:

Whenever I watch one of these videos it always has 301 views

Michael Thompson says:

you now eu directive god i would not like to go to dinner with you”

joelee101979 says:

Agree that wink just made my day

Martin Davanger says:

What about review of Tesla Model S ? 🙂

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