Toyota Auris Hybrid Review – Auto Express

Toyota Auris Hybrid Review – Auto Express

Full review: It’s priced competitively against 2.0-litre diesel rivals, a…



Danie van der Merwe says:

Interesting… what it does demonstrate is that to achieve the Toyota
claimed consumption figures, you do need to adapt your driving to be more
“hybrid” friendly ie. slower pull aways to use full battery, progressive
braking maximise charge to the battery, etc…. then you can even beat
Toyota’s figures…

Sacha Chulo says:

I recently bought the wife a Citroen DS5 Hybrid. It’s supposed to do 82mpg
however we get 39mpg. Needless to say I am taking them to court on false
ridiculous advertising and breach of Sale of Goods Act. Basically there is
a lot of Bullshit surrounding these Hybrids with fake economy claims

nilanga darshana maliduwa says:


GadgeteerZA says:

Interesting… what it does demonstrate is that to achieve the Toyota
claimed consumption figures, you do need to adapt your driving to be more
“hybrid” friendly ie. slower pull aways to use full battery, progressive
braking maximise charge to the battery, etc…. then you can even beat
Toyota’s figures…

jh5kl says:

“closet environmentalist” XD

toyotaprius79 says:

Hello fellow Atheist, just stop man. If you go to places like New York,
Paris or even Dublin, if you find a taxi-Prius and ask the driver how much
miles or km it done. I’ve done so, and I was told that it ran nearly
350,000km without any battery change. Unfortunately, Toyota charges a
fortune on new batteries for around €4000, while getting your own easily
off the self or from a scrapyard can be less than €500. You can even
refurbish it. BTW there’s an 8 year 100,000km warranty for the battery.

lo-shu tuan says:

hybrid is better engine fail proof than it’s claim fuel economy.quite good
for rich good for normal people like me.but i still wish to have
one,because that might mean i am rich enough…XD

toyotaprius79 says:

@McDaniel77 A Toyota is not a VW, Toyota would never use another
manufacturer’s engine and VW the same. But car manufacturers can have an
agreements like the Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 they’re the
same cars and have the same engines to reduce costs ect…

Gijs Hahn says:

So far, this is the best looking hybrid. Don’t compare it with a prius
please. That’s a family car, just like the Honda insight or the Honda
Civic. It has a automatic gearbox and is more luxuriously equipped than the
prius for that same money. The Honda CR-Z comes close, but is not as
practical. My next company car will most likely be this Auris. Now i only
need to convice Toyota to offer better colors instead of the predictable
and boring black, blue and silver;-)

bounty112 says:

That consumption is way too high. You don’t need a hybrid for that.

CAESARbonds says:

@eMWe That is a mistake in the Video. When Driving on a flat road after a
hill you can drive much faster on electric juice only.

Tdnamur D says:

@rubos306 Just because Toyota Europe headquarters are in Belgium (Braine
L’Alleud – south of Bruxelles)

Dralnu007 says:

That’s Spain, Barcelona.

jutubaeh says:

hm toyota plan 8 years into the next maya calender segment? they nuts??

eMWe says:

41mph? 😀 i probably would be unable to use the e.motor of this car 😀

kavakava1234 says:

Nice! But now Toyota, bring us a real family wagon. Prius is not big enough
for all the stuff you need to carry with 2 kids or more. But not this small
backseat-windowed new Avensis, my kids want to look and see something while
driving. I won’t buy cars that are styled like that. No matter that it
looks “nice”

TVmax says:

Is that in Belgium?

peterhejlejensen says:

@kazimann And it weighs?

dunti21 says:

@kazimann it’s around 1200kg

SwampMonkey54 says:

So is the price of the tesla!

Londo Mollari says:

@kazimann Are you high? This is not Fiat 500.

ThePetrolhead94 says:

why do they use a 1.8 they should use a 1.4 for better econamy

zapataalzate says:

but they cannot make cheap hybrid cars yet…this one is almost as
expensive as prius, Iӓll buy th prius for a little more..

rubos306 says:

why do they have belgium plates?

pandabear1 says:

He is defo drivin around Barcelona.

mavericksf16 says:

All these so called Hybrid cars are just bollocks. The normal 1.6L version
is as good as it gets.

McDaniel77 says:

Great car and it looks good! BUT why don’t they use a CDI/TDI diesel
engine? They could achieve 2-3 liter/100km if the use diesel instead of
super. What about topspeed, accelleration, weight? I like this car, maybe
it’s my next one after my second VW Lupo 3L (tech from 1999, but still
around 3 liter/100km !!!). McDaniel-77

supercooled says:

This looks better than the Prius.

joanne61 says:

tesla blows em all away!! great presentation as always..keep em coming.

stevethegibbon says:

Good review, Many U.K. jobs hinge on this car being a success, It looks a
good product, because its lighter than a Prius, its even more economical.
Honda dont make a full hybrid like this

Shaurya Gautam says:

I think its a nice city car its cheaper and better looking than Prius (full
kitted one) and way cheaper than CT200h. Plus exemptions of tax and
congestion charge.

Atheistprimate says:

Cant wait in till all the idiots who bought into the Hybrid scam have to
start replacing the batteries and it dawns on them that they bought a car
that is scrap in six years since the battery replacement costs will be more
than the used value of their car. Lets not even get started on the
pollution caused by making all the extra batteries that cars really do not
need for their function.

gazmon23 says:

i have drove this car from midlands to london staying at 80 mph all the way
did betwwen 60 and 75 mpg

kazimann says:

Funny enough, the Ford Escort 1.6L diesel from the 80’s were known to
manage 70mpg+ No fancy over complicated electronics like in a hybrid.

kazimann says:

@peterhejlejensen Less than a ton I reckon. Maybe between 800kg to 1000kg.

kazimann says:

Bucket of shite. I’d rather take a diesel Focus.

brigettejcanei says:

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