Toyota Auris HSD review

Toyota Auris HSD review

The all new Toyota Auris Hybrid has made its way to Ireland and Toyota say drive it and you’ll understand, so that’s just what Bob did.



Makky Khan Shummer says:

Ford paid this guy.

MegaPetrof says:

I signed on the dotted line for a Yaris Hybrid a couple of hours before
watching this vid, yesterday. What do you make of it compared to the Auris
Hybrid, by the by? Seemed to lack some noise insulation, but silk to drive
and doubleplusgood in terms of not transferring any more of my money than
strictly unavoidable to the Saudis & their pals, etc.

Bob Flavin says:

On motorways and over long distance a Diesel car will always give better
MPG than a hybrid. In heavy traffic a hybrid will do better.

Bob Flavin says:

I’m glad you enjoyed the drive, Toyota are at it again because the new
Auris hybrid has just been launched and it’s good too.

Bob Flavin says:

Been here for over 2 years and it’s comfy now. Cheers lad!

Peter Möller says:

5l per 100km at 100kmh… OMG!! it’s a gas guzzler!!! everything over 3,5l
is outrageous!!

altern8ive says:

there’s a ‘motoring’ programme on BBC Alba called Air An Rathad, im not
Gaelic but i occasionally watch it on the iPlayer. Despite the backing of
the mighty Corporation their content over the last four series isn’t a
patch on your channel. I hope, like you said before, that RTE pick up on
this and make you some kind of offer, I may not be able to see it in the UK
but by god you’d deserve it.

niallmol says:

Brilliant video good to see some good Irish content on YouTube!

Ju-Aan van der Poll says:

I drove one today for the first time! The transition between electric and
gas was sooo seemless! I drive a Volkswagen Polo 1.4. It gets 14km/l – in
USA mpg thats about 33 mpg. It is faster than my polo and I got about 20
km/l (50 mpg US)with a combined cycle. Was the first time I drove a Hybrid,
drove with a pretty heavy foot. I LOVED every second in it! Felt like I was
playing a game with all the buttons. I love tech and thus the car too! If I
had the money, I would have bought that one today!

gfaffy says:

Easily becoming one of my favorite car reviews/reviewers, even for cars I
don’t have much interest in (suv’s, hybrids) its great to hear all the
details and opinions. Keep’em coming

Mar Do says:

Amazing car as a mark Toyota!! Greetings from Croatia.

Bob Flavin says:

@altern8ive Thanks very much, that is hugely appreciated. You and the
viewers like you make the time and effort all worthwhile.

Rezxer says:

Toyota’s batteries have a lifespan of roughly 200,000 miles (and most
hybrid owners I know are reporting much more), so you would have to be
driving something like 250 miles per day to need to change your batteries
every three years. Even then, if anyone is driving that much, the annual
fuel costs would be tremendous and getting a hybrid would be a really good

jonathanfury69 says:

I see your face in all the review…bad bad bad bad….

κωνσταντινος αναγνωστου says:

Thank you very much for your help. I’ll have that in mind. Keep posting
your driving experiences.

vasilis kotzathanasis says:

Is it worth it to buy the hybrid over the diesel?

Bob Flavin says:

You may never need to change the battery in a hybrid car, I heard a quote
from Lexus Ireland once “We are not in the business of selling batteries”
meaning that Lexus Ireland have never replaced a battery here.

Bob Flavin says:

watch something else then

jim jong says:

Now thats a car review love it. I had a prius 1.5 version 85mpg from carlow
to gorey and i done 7 km town driving and it returned 122.6 mpg yes 122.6
mpg and my toyota dealer told me this auris is a hugh leap forward over the
old prius. Brilliant review keep them coming.

Bob Flavin says:

No is the answer to most of your questions. The Hybrid engine works alone
at very low speeds say up to 50kph. At 100kph the car is really only a 1.8
petrol, the electric engine “helps”. You never use up the entire battery,
it charges from slowing down or braking. Doing that kind of millage I’d
have a diesel, it’ll cruise much better. Hope that helps you

Bob Flavin says:

I’ve never heard of any petrol engine car getting much better than the
Auris, actually I’d like to know what car really gets 3.5ltrs per 100kms on
average because I’m not so sure that’s possible

Nuno Lopes says:

Finnaly a review that says it all very clearly! In terms of driving
feeling, this car is way much better than the Prius! And i even think its
better than the ultra expensive Lexus Ct200h! Keep up the good work and
please introduce more footage of the cars interior!

00daveyr says:

Crazy question but how does the battery keep itself charged up? I know
about the braking charging the battery but does the petrol engine charge up
the battery or is there more witchcraft going on?

Bob Flavin says:

@gfaffy Thanks very much!

Bob Flavin says:

All Hybrid/Electric cars need to be light, weight is the biggest killer of
fuel economy so that’s why a Hybrid car tend to have more cabin noise. The
Yaris and Auris are run on the same system so it’ll be much the same to
drive but the Auris is much bigger inside, depends on your needs really

Bob Flavin says:

Well spotted, you must know the road fairly well. If you like the standard
Auris you’ll love the HSD

Bob Flavin says:

They do engineering like no one else it’s a shame they can’t get the
“feeling” right. They need to go back and drive the Celica, and a few GT
cars to see what they are missing

Bob Flavin says:

@xevious2963 Ohh, Tiff will be upset lol. Thank you!

tomottanta says:

Are you going to review the new Auris Hybrid anytime soon? That would be
very much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

BanzaiSushi says:

Is the Prius C supposed to be what this car is in the USA?

00daveyr says:

I’ve been reading around and I’ve heard that the batteries come with a 5
year warranty anyway. Do you have any idea on how much a replacement
battery for this model would cost? I’m thinking a few thousand (which is
easily offset by the petrol savings).

Bob Flavin says:

There’s the regenerative braking, any deceleration and that’s about it. The
systems in the car are quite good at pushing energy into the battery. The
reason the engine doesn’t charge the battery is fuel economy, it would put
a load on the engine and that would take more petrol.

Smithy says:

I think these car reviews on this channel are better than what you get on
fifth gear

Bob Flavin says:

Thanks very much, I’m glad you like it.

bosconti1979 says:

When will come to America?

cotcho says:

Does this model come in a 5 or 6 speed manual?

Bob Flavin says:

Thank you~

κωνσταντινος αναγνωστου says:

In my opinion you are the most trusted reviewer.Trusting your judgement i
have one question for you: Is it wise to give up on my Seat Ibiza FR Dsg
for a Toyota Yaris HSD, just on fuel economy reasons? Is it right to
sacrifice sheer driving delight in order to save, in long terms, some euros
in my pocket? What’s your perspective on my dilemma?

Bob Flavin says:

The HSD is a hybrid so no, there is no manual version. You can get the
Auris as a petrol or diesel version and that comes with a 5 or 6 speed

sfinlay2003 says:

Bob – why aren’t you on TV ? I’m finding myself watching your car reviews
(even on cars that I only have a vague interest in), when I should be
downstairs watching Chelsea play Benfica in the Champions League
quarter-final !!! You have a natural, raw talent for car reviews. I like
TopGear, but I find that they’re moving away from the nuts & bolts of what
they should be about & seem only concerned about reviewing cars that fall
outside my pay-scale. Brilliant stuff – I’ll be spreading the word.

MegaPetrof says:

Superb review!

cotcho says:


Thunder Suckle Fuzz Canyon says:

You set off just outside portlaoise headed towards Kildare via the gandon
in. Nice car. I have the standard auris, would love the hsd.

TrolLTrollsky says:

“Performs like some kind of witch craft… or something” LOL – I have the
same feeling of all japanese engineering.

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