Toyota Auris hatchback review 2007 – 2012 — CarBuyer

Toyota Auris hatchback review 2007 – 2012 — CarBuyer

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TenseNotDense says:

I’d like to know the stop/start fuel savings over, say 50,000 miles
compared to the cost including fitment of a new starter motor.

1gortklaatu says:

Milk, butter and bread storage? Mat, I think your saying this car has all
the qualities of an appliance.

Awayze says:

I’d take this over a Vauxhall or Ford

Peter Bartolo says:


tassosvogs says:

a review of Auris Haybrid??

wtrdogg20 says:

It was also named Car of Year 2012 by Car Buyers. Watch the CarBuyers video
for the new Hyundai i30 and find out by yourself: /watch?v=6WDrp-g3bHM

Fedor Flierman says:

The i30 is newer Thats wy its better.

u1430 says:

Ugly and unsafe. Google “Toyota Accelerator Pedal Recall”; I’d rather drive
a stylish Fiat Bravo.

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2007-present Toyota Auris/ Toyota Corolla Hatchback (Australia and New
Zealand) is assembled in Derbyshire, England Sakarya, Turkey Kanegasaki,
Isawa, Iwate, Japan

c00smeen says:

@letsplay14me I’m not trying to be a douche…he’s reviewing a car…you
need a little more time than that if you’re thinking at buying it…

Allan Hou says:

lol, the ‘Auris” is actually called ‘Corolla’ in Australia

vladanng says:

@MrUrahypocryt Well Auris is Actually Corolla in Hatch version. 😉

nunonunes13 says:

Toyota all the way its a car for a life!

Peter Bartolo says:

yes yes ok never said hyundai are bad especially the Genesis but I
personally like Toyota better being Japanese and all (sry 4 bad spelling)

dunti21 says:

can’t stand the halfpipe dash though

nikosk87 says:

The usual British mentality-black humor,freezing as is always.

wtrdogg20 says:

Oh yes!! Man, dont be a fanboy. Being an objective enthusiast is better.
The new i30 has better engine, better handling, better cargo and passangers
space, more standard equipment, way better quality materials on dashboard
and doors, and it has received many compliments, especially from the VW
President, for its high quality finishes and construction plus it very
attractive design. Man, it is not about brands, Hyundai is not longer the
underdog. They are making really good and appealing cars.

Peter Bartolo says:

what’s a fanboy ???….lol

Alex Liv says:

In my country this is called Corolla RunX

jou6262 says:

@MeowChicken123 yes… its built in with the superior sound system

Imma_Nintendogeek says:

Also its an entry level car(i.e. College students) B=but he treats it like
the interior has to be as good as Audis interiors. WTF?

Ties Aarts says:


k0staZ says:

haha so random stuff XD

nickelwindow53 says:

The host is HOT!

B B says:

this or kia ceed

atimetowork says:

Toyota is the best car. Reliable, quality, everything..

parsabbaluca21 says:

A toyota vios look alike hatchback

Kinhomeister says:

@TD4f22 No. The corolla is still produced. In europe, the corolla is the 4
door sedan, and the auris “replaced” the 3 and 5 door version of the

krangturboslank says:

jebo te ford fokus pederasu jedan !.

c00smeen says:

@c00smeen also this is a very…very…very boring car…screw
economy…gimme a big engine…

Peter Bartolo says:

nooooooooooo man the new i30 is not better than the auris HANDS DOWN !!

letsplay14me says:

@c00smeen his reviews are short so you don’t waste time and cover pretty
much everything. stop being a douche

parenizstali says:

Nice video thanks auris is just great !

ali AG says:

can you please review the Toyota Avalon ? it’s really luxury car !! thx !

TheClubshaker says:

@u1430 Those recalls didn’t last long. It was nothing bad anyway. Only a
Software/Firmware update for the Pedal and it was normal and they did that
for free at all Dealers.

wtrdogg20 says:

Hell yeah!, just check the CarBuyers review on the i30, it was elected Car
of The Year!… Sorry, I know it is very uncomfortable for a Toyota fanboy
to face the truth that a Hyundai model is a better car than a Toyota modal
in the same segment….

EmulatorHeaven says:

Might not be as good to drive as Focus or Astra but atleast it won’t
depreciate like a stone and spend 40% of its life broken. Perfect domestic
appliance workhorse car, nothing more which is all it was designed to be.

Dave K says:

Ok what car is the best in this segment there’s way too much choice. What
do you guys suggest? Matt won’t tell us.

donkasuncham says:

nice car

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