Toyota AE86 Review: Why Japan’s Iconic Coupe Is More Than An Initial D Legend

Toyota AE86 Review: Why Japan’s Iconic Coupe Is More Than An Initial D Legend

True petrolheads will know and love the AE86 from the cartoons, but the twin-cam coupe is an absolute stunner in its own right. Here’s Alex on what makes this retro ride so damn good. Subscribe…



Car Throttle says:

Happy 86 day, guys! 8/6

Kirei Edwards says:

I found one on craigslist for 7k

KatanaGames says:

Thanks thanks thanks for this awesome video!

bennydman666 says:

You can get a decent one of these in Ireland for around 6-7000 euro. Not
too bad. 

tannerratzlaff says:

If toyota just made the new carolla’s RWD then they could be possibly
having an almost legendary car like the AE86. Shame that car companies keep
making 90% FWD.

Jaden Rodriguez says:

Futo GT

NorwayGokart99 says:

Right hand drive because britain or imported from japan?

freakied0550 says:

In MURKA still just a Corolla.

MartyTheGamer says:

So I immediately check my local car websites for this car just to see how
much one costs here only to find there is no option for AE86 in the Models
tab. Stupid websites!

Ryan Brown says:

Does anyone know if the Toyota Heritage Fleet is on display to the public,
or is it a private collection?

Sheik Raehani says:

sounds like vtec bro :)

Maarten Migaris says:

Honda Jazz rules 😉 Here in Belgium we’ve got lots of tuned jazzes. But I
prefer my tuned 2013 Chevrolet Spark ;p 

satellite964 says:

How did you learn such good Japanese pronunciation?


Do these have power steering?

G3nesis Prime says:

I’m a car guy but this car and drifting never interested me……

I’m more of a circuit guy….

swsthebest1994 says:

*Finally a review of this amazing beast! Happy to see it, awesome work

647killa says:

Wish I could go back to the 90s and experience the joy of owning and
driving the hell out of anologue cars like this utterly simple, yet awesome
86 to drive among others. I really do hate the cars from this “new age”
era, as if the first thing the engineers had in mind were numbers followed
by emissions and safety crap, selling ’em off as fast and fun cars that are
also much safer and environmentally friendly. Since when does a petrolhead
buy a car to flog on canyon runs and on the track and thinks safety and
emissions ? Cars are dead. Let’s just rejoice over the fact that some of
these older classics are still attainable and keep on maintaining them and
passing onto others. Awesome review Car Throttle, and we need more cars
from the 90s and early 2000s. 

Mantequilla Stotch says:

Would love to see a video of a Mercedes w140 s70 :)

thaik56 says:

It’s a shame the new 86 doesn’t sound as good as this. In fact, it doesn’t
even come close.

Teggy says:

They aren’t too uncommon I think there’s a few in my area, they’re usually
just diffed half to death though. But you can usually spot those examples
going for under £9k with janspeed exhausts

angedgangsta says:

And that one is alright, but popup headlights all the way

Devin Terry says:

Wish my tercel sounded like this. One day I will own one of these, just

zum says:

lol at all the initial d fanboys complaining that it it isnt a trueno

davidrobert2007 says:

Oh look, a Honda Jizz

jackass1901 says:

That engine sound gave me eargasms! The best sounding small displacement
engine i have ever heard.

Tom Shepard says:

King of Touge, nuff said!

CR80442 says:

in japan ae86’s were also called sprinters and levins which doesent have
pop op lights like this one 

jordanclarkson2010 says:

Watching this makes me want an AE86! 

NSXShockwave says:

Phil Collins? If I had an AE86 I be playing some Eurobeat!

EmofacePS3 says:

sorry but i dont know how u think that sounds good

Noel Santos says:

Instant classic!

losisupertruck04 says:

When Alex said “NICE!!!”, that had to be the funniest thing I’ve heard all
day! xD

Dylan Tindall says:

I noticed the Jungle Love by the Steve Miller Band clip in the beginning.

Modelero says:

the initial D one’s is the trueno AE86 

hrisace says:

i feel a little sad since there was no eurobeat

Froseization says:

I definitely definitely agree with you !

yorrickwi says:

i allready thought i recognised this from nfsu2

Jake Kim says:

So I waited weeks for an AE86? Amazing!!

Kevin Cranston says:

Thanks Car Throttle now I want one of these……

Kamil Roman says:

no diffin????!!

Balo657 says:

Love the sound of the 4a-ge !!

Steve Stamopz says:

lol’d hard at the revving on the daisies

Kaisuke971 says:

The AE86… this car is just a legend, even more than the Supra ! I mean
the Trueno (btw not a Apex, little bit sad) is just… It has the 4A-GE,
which is IMO one of the best 4 pot ever ( it sounds sooo good !!), it’s
very light (under the ton !), RWD ( Keiichi Tsuchiya know what i mean !),
with this 5 speed MT…
This car is so simple, that what makes it such a great driver’s car !
Thx for the vid, i wanna hug you (or your gf, that would be great too)for
this 😀 

muhammad aizat says:

please make a drift video AE86 VS GT86….. Senior vs Junior….haha

angedgangsta says:

… eight-six… not eighty-six…

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