Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Wald HKS Supercharger kit



James Klein says:

I believe that’s a turbo they installed, not a supercharger. But the car is

greenrolaids says:

the body kit is 100000% lol.. good job making a nice looking car douched

Kyle Caelian says:

What the fuck is a Z spoiler doing on an FR-S!?

steven Mayo says:

Hvf26. It is a supercharger. I looked it up, and it is in fact belt driven

SKDK says:

Like the spoiler but everything else is too flashy

AWDsome08 says:

Waste of hp per dollar! That body kit is hideous!

tronxo206 says:


Meenz Iiz says:


Az Karnt says:

hater bullshit fuels my 86.

tbone saki says:

what’s the name of those tail lights? they are awesome

yamato twozeronine says:


Jan Hills says:

What a beauty

jackalo626 says:

Not impressed for hp per dollar

rmartinlim says:

Best taillights <3

Art Nirut says:

song name NEON from imovie app.

hvf26 says:

that’s a turbocharger….

Paul Yeung says:

The whole bodykit is made by wald

moulay jawad says:

i love turbo charger but what is the song name? pleas

KrGsMrNKusinagi0 says:

Its a reverse revolution Supercharger(GTS7040L)

mikesturboss says:

its a supercharger there is no exhaust side to a supercharger only turbo

Taariq Clark says:

Those tail lights

Matthew Karanouh says:

He meant to the wheels, a gt86 has 200hp to the crank.

mswhong1 says:

its a centrifugal..

MrXorHomer says:

No it’s not. It’s a centrifugal supercharger.

A State Of Bikes says:

The gt86 stock, has 200hp (202ps), how yours had 144hp (147ps)?? something
it’s wrong or what?

joe smith says:

You lost some torque with the supercharger.

mattlang89 says:

the dyno recorded RWHP not HP at the fly wheel.

James Taylor says:

What spoiler is that?

calvinblinkee says:

Um looks like the paint is not matched

Ado Bolosan says:

I like the rear spoiler! Where can I buy that?

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