Toyota 86

Toyota 86

Many of you have been asking for the Toyota 86 review, and we’ve finally managed to sort out the teething problems that prevented us from uploading the video…



djmocok says:

Why the fuck is the guy doing donuts? that’s not the point of this car and
you’re just killing your tires.

Ignition Live says:

Matthew: we drive all the cars we review. In the case of the 86 we used a
great deal of footage from the drifting part of the launch as there was not
enough time to film more on road driving. We have subsequently had the 86
on test for a few days during which time it was driven by all our team
members and we remain convinced that our impressions on launch were

dhom100 says:

great review. this little car is already a darling of countless driving
enthusiasts and possibly “the apple of its parents eyes” Toyota especially
needed this car because of their well earned reputation of making reliable
but not among the best driver’s cars. thanks to new CEO Akio Toyoda who is
a driving enthusiast, Toyota has LFA and now GT86. the company is indeed
moving in a more exciting direction.

Matthew Spencer says:

Not a great review. But this car will become a classic. It is definitely
underpowered for a sports coupe, similar to most hot hatch backs. The car
is not just meant to do donuts, gosh have you even driven it yourself?
Power is not everything you know. I recommend you watch the autocar review
for this car.

jonrichwilson says:

Thanks for advertising pointless doughnuting/drifting and referring to
pointless aerobatic planes??? What sort of review is this; unprofessional.
Massively under powered and with a cheap interior – unless you enjoy doing
doughnuts in a car park which even if you’re the most simple of people,
will quickly become boring. The reviewers clearly became overawed with the
‘launch day’ and totally not an impartial / objective review.. Sad.

D Marinos says:

Another misleading title, THIS IS NOT TOP GEAR ! why say it is in your
title? posers

Musketeer009 says:

What’s a ‘Tiyota’?….This car is not underpowered as it’s not designed for
drag racing. If you want to go fast on a straight road, get a hot hatch. If
you want fun on everyday roads, get a GT86.

Tatenda Jinya says:

Thanks guys, was starting to lose hope lol!

Ignition Live says:

Thank you for posting your comments on this review. Jon: we do not
advertise anything for anyone. If Toyota decides to spend considerable time
and effort to allow journalists to do drifting in the 86 this obviously
reveals an important part of the car’s character which they want to
emphasise. Yes, it is not the most powerful car, but neither was the
Porsche 356 and it went on to become one of the most famous sports cars and
greatest driving machines of all time.

MiZi says:

donuts aren’t drifting.

ocean nomads says:

Nice video and good review on the 86! My white pearl/satin GT 86 will
arrive in a month time – CAN’T WAIT! 🙂 Btw, where can I get/buy the “86”
cap? Thanks! midialwi Japan

Wilson Tsang says:

I test drove a red one, and on a dual lane road a guy in a Porsche Cayman
gave me the two fingers, more reason to buy one LOL =D

CMH Toyota Alberton says:

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