Toyota 86 vs Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo drag race

Toyota 86 vs Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo drag race

Toyota 86 GTS vs Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo in friendly drag race. Head over to…



Luis Lujan says:

Hm. That’s weird. I’ve beaten a ton of these in my 86. I’ll post the videos
soon, check out the racing videos I have so far if you’re interested! Looks
like the veloster got a better launch. Oh well, that’s racing! Sometimes
you make mistakes behind the wheel.

Bryan Ramey says:

If the Scion FRS was a Hyundai, car reviewers would say its way under
powered to be called a sports car. If Hyundai Veloster was a Honda, car
reviewers would say its a hot hatch. 

matthew clouser says:

Sorry but veloster= no potential and if you don’t know the potential of the
gt86/brz you shouldn’t even be driving 

sead garanovic says:

The only issue with the veloster that it’s super stock, it gets heat soaked
so easily due to its tiny intercooler. A few mods and a conservative tune
and you’re looking at 240hp no problem. 🙂 

stripes12345678910 says:

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo is better in every way.

Nawaf Alaroj says:

i own kia optima but in this video i would pick 86, rear wheel drive for
life <3

Seokyoung Jang says:

Why are we even comparing GT86/frs/brz to a Veloster. Gt86 should be
comparing with a genesis coupe. Sports car vs Sports car, both are RWD and
2.0L but gen has a snail. Also heavier.

stripes12345678910 says:


Dee Jay says:

I love the styling of the Veloster, but the Toyota is RWD which is hard to

digisuboob says:

goes to show just how woefully not even close to a sports car the 86 is. i
love my hyundais, but for reliability and economy – the veloster is not a
quick car.

Konan Kun says:

Would be good if you guys do 0-100kph on old cars.

Anyway my old honda integra 99′ vti-r with light mods can smoke both of
these cars. Lol

vp304 says:

both shit slow gay cars
86 needs wrx turbo motor to make it decent

Moey Issa says:


Vedi Vici says:

Gt86 would smash the veloster in bends and it did in the straight as well.
Turbo it tune it and itll be a supra

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