Toyota 86 video review

Toyota 86 video review

Despite the pro-Toyota fanfare, the 86 actually results from collaboration between the Japanese heavy-hitter and Subaru.



Mr.Science says:

Does the car stop existing because of a long waiting list? You can just
wait for the hundreds that will flood the market once people are done with
their mid-life crisis.

MrTTA80 says:

why couldnt toyota take the supra 2jz-gte and and improve on it… instead
they teamed up with crapbaru.. for this…. fail.. i expected more from
toyota after they developed the 1J and the 2J decades ago.. its obviously
not a lack of tech expertise.. not sure what’s wrong..

dodgykernt says:

why review this car, seriously? if you cant get one within two years theres
no point, who wants to buy a brand new 2012 vehicle in 2014?

GussetMonkey says:

Yes, you buy the car, then go to a hardware shop and buy a key and a
barrel. If you want dated old fashioned stuff go and buy a volkswagon

Drift_Wizard says:

how is this a review? A guy reading the stats from a Toyota dealer, does
not consist a review… Carsales please put more effort into your marketing
so people will watch one of your videos in the future.

Matthew Spencer says:

Not including on-road costs, gov charges, rego etc. So around 32k driveway
price for the basic model

teddybear2267 says:


Jim Thom says:

it is

Jim Thom says:

cant stand commodore myself

phil morriss says:

whats it like with those pistons are the new or is the the rotterry moter

theblehtubez says:

can you get it with a key and ignition barrel?

foxrunmall says:

my friend bought an 86. cool as hell from the outside, but seriously it’s a
nightmare to drive it on city road, the ride is so bumpy cuz this car is
very sensitive to road condition

dominitsa says:

The old 86 was more of a hatch, this is a coupe.

Jim Thom says:

fucking ugly

Kenni Kenneth says:


stinger15au says:

Its a great engine for sure, but cannot meet modern emission requirements
even with development. Its also very thirsty, heavy, expensive to make and
big. Its the same reason Nissan no longer use the RB engines. I think a 2L
engine is a good choice for this car, it keeps cost and weight down which
was the whole point. I would have liked mabye 30-40 more hp, i think a
basic stage one 4psi turbo kit would be perfect at around 4k cost.

REPOMAN24722 says:

its so ugly

clearheadedit says:


MrTTA80 says:

totally agree with your point, but looking at the demographic this car is
aimed at.. 4K for 4PSI of boost that may/may not be enough to take on a
mildly modded Honda integra/S2K from the 90’s in a straight line.. is
expecting a bit much..

Felix Neo says:

under 30,000? i dont think so…fail

Eleet Slayer says:

“Nice little P plater car suited at girls.” You moron.

Grae Hall says:

Auto is more fuel efficient?

Jim Thom says:

did i mention holden i have owned 3 Toyota vehicles and i swear by them but
they lack sex appeal inside and out a very boring looking car

ThumpFetishMusic says:

if you get an absolute base model, like the ft86 with no extra features or
packs, they start at around $25,000 – $27,000. if you go to the carsales
website and look for the toyota 86 and drop to the bottom of the list,
there is a “build your own” option, where you pick colours and packs, etc.
and the base price from there is $25,000

Yinuo Chen says:

it’s way over than 30,000 agreed with felix

josef959 says:

v12 has more cylinders than flat-4 durrrrrrr

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