Toyota 86 – UAE Launch Video

Toyota 86 – UAE Launch Video

The highly anticipated Toyota 86 has finally been launched in the UAE. To illustrate the amazing handling capabilities of this future legend Al-Futtaim Motor…



CarEnthusias Ber says:


Omar Jadallah says:

Passion for speed?

More like passion for fuel economy and desperate burnouts! Hahhhh the
purpose of the car is definitely not speed, it’s handling.
Get a guy who can drift the car into the corners rather than pull up the
handbrake and floor the throttle 😐
Also, sad that a car video has zero sound of car and a lot of music. I
don’t blame the producers, the 2.0 boxer and the exhaust system delivers no
notes whatsoever.

MyLifeAsLouis says:

I’m not really into the rear spoiler.

Aziz Exacta says:

born to drift

Robin Lundmark says:

yehaaa <3

Abdulhamid AlAttar says:
GeForce GT says:

Its still better than Lamborghini Huracan Video.

mrzazzaable says:

Its too low. they should of released it higher and let people lower it

shadowninja569 says:

yea thats a sweet car if i do get a sti my goal is to try to tune it to a
1200hp or less street car that i can take to the trackcar or make a rally X
or a autocross build /watch?v=T1ngqNg2pKo

IraqiSpecialCars says:

may i take the video and put it in my car show .. ? do you allow me? please

spatss says:

Visually really nice looking video. Not really sure what you guys are
complaining about.

Hamad Sultan says:

how much the price in UAE كم سعر السياره بيكون في الامارات

Alaaeddine Abdulal says:

agree with you,,,nice car,,screwed up video, and wrong message to
communicate with people.

Ruel Sansolis says:

what a weak ass car. 197 hp lol. my GTI would eat this shit up

Cam Dawson says:

It is like half LFA and half Supra

HisXLNC says:

It is sold as a Scion in the US.

NoloPasoro01 says:

put a GT-200 wing and BBS Aftermarket wheels on it, trust me

NeATaNDtURdy says:

it looked like a chevy cobalt. just saying i don’t like the kit but yes i
want this car

utoobasimo says:

I rarely ever hit the dislike on any video of any sort, but this one well
deserves the down vote. Largely annoying video of an uglified riced out
version of an otherwise fairly decent looking car performing annoying

Никита Савельев says:

кто из России?! лайк жду!!

Sparkplug98P71 says:

the body kit and rear spoiler are atrocious but that was some damn fine

Jeremy Roach says:

in Australia under $30,000 for the base model

AFMToyota says:

Thanks for all your comments. We are glad to hear all your feedback and
take it all on board. Please visit the Toyota86 site(link in description)
or watch the other 86 videos on our YouTube channel for more info on the
Toyota 86. As for the price and specs of the car, they will all be live on in description) as of the 1st of June 2012. Thanks

tokyo qurban says:

i like this car but i dont like this commercial so boring :

USA4thewin says:

Fucken dealer your Lowest Model costs more than the US Base Model

ZoOoDi111 says:

التويوتا تويوتا حدهم عالكامري ايش حدهم على السيارات الرياضيه يا شينها من
سياره شوف بس عرض الجنط الخايس تقول جنط كورولا

Samuel Giffard says:

u are poor …

mohanad elhusseiny says:

its a mixture between the LFA and the supra

xAfflictor says:

Just hope that those arabs don’t do this drifting thing with the beauty.

AbuIssa1990 says:

“The above video was shot at a closed road, with a professional driver
behind the wheel of the car. Al-Futtaim Motors encourages all viewers to
drive safely and to adhere to all road regulations.” I’m planning to ignore
that … A Toyota RWD is out!! … how did you expect us to react? By
driving legal and safe?! … Well , we will see about that 😛

Ruel Sansolis says:

and a scion is associated the same way. even worse. cheap ass scions lol.
toyota and scion both fucking cheap so stfu stop trying to act like scion
is in another league

phtmexplo says:

Yes it is, it is the aero pack from Toyota.

MrIraqi100 says:

/watch?v=CZRrd2G9ouo here is the vid .. 😉 it starts at 9:50 about the GT86

Johnny Nguyen says:

it does! I LOVE IT!!! This car can be supra’s brother.

nufimamar says:

Cheap car? It will be close to 40k euros here in portugal. that’s no cheap
ass car

abdullah al-shehri says:

انا رحت بالدمام الوكاله وفيها جناح هي تختارها على حسب المواصفات

shadowninja569 says:

dam i really want that rear wing, it really fills up the back of the car
nicely and reminds me of the dodge daytona and plymouth superbird

zeeshan137 says:

great car, video couldn’t be any worse!

japster1113 says:

its only being sold by two manufacturers.. Toyota and Subaru.. and it IS
meant to be a cheap sports car..

shadowninja569 says:

i know the biggest decision for me right now is that i can get a second
hand Subaru sti for around $21,000 and with $5000 in mods cant easily get a
wicked fast car. been a subi fan boy for a really long time, and been
really disappointed with the current models really been wanting for them to
release the P2 Impreza this car essentially

shadowninja569 says:

wait is this a stock factory body kit?

AFMToyota says:

Hi, You may use this video in your car show please ensure to link back to
our page also. Thanks!

HisXLNC says:

I’ve seen a lot of bad car vids on Youtube. This isn’t one of them.

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