Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S) – Review 2012

Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S) – Review 2012

The 86 as it’s called in Australia and Japan, or GT 86 in Europe. It also has sisters in the form of the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. In this video we review t…



KenshinPhoenix says:

Ehh, both the 86 and Nissan 370z have faults I just can’t live with but I
don’t have many options at this price point. Maybe I’ll say screw it and
buy a sedan : The gal here is foxy anyhow :P

FrightfulAccountant says:

Your leather jacket fits the Toyo just fine, but in my book, it also should
be driving with cowboy boots on, just like American muscle cars do :’)

Anyway, realy like the car. It’s a great drivers car that just gives you
everything you could desire. And I think the basic Toyota stereo is
actually better then the over expensive, not that good sat nav audio
system. So, don’t waste your money on that one. ;)

Andreas Pinkert says:

she is so right. And what a wom… errr car.

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:


Tranquil JOE says:

Nice review with her doing it.

Luis m says:

i liked watching her get in at 30 seconds

hippo780 says:

She a test drive by day a witch by night

dsasa dsd says:

A fun girl reviewing a fun car. Excellent!

Putu Pradnya Upadhita says:

but the bore and stroke of the engine is 86 and not 8 and 6…

sergio martins says:

01:40… Is this a joke! Ita eight-six not eightysix! Hachi-Roku!

Nistuner9 says:

i came here for the girl

LamboFan says:

0:43…Except for EVERY single other car review I’ve seen.

Darrel Lee says:

uk is not the only pieace of land inhabited by car driving humans in this
very small planet

nafism6969 says:

I actually thought she was a cartoon character…

romperzombiestomper says:

Thats my fucken wife cunt licker

Deviklovecraft says:

I will say, “it’s underpowered.” Watch me: It’s underpowered ! ( because it

John Malcovitch says:

The boot size is reasonable, I agree 😉

MarkMash17 says:

She says, “it has a 2.0l 4cyl boxer petrol engine, meaning it will sound
darker and more ominous than a normal straight line four.” wat?

spacecowmoomoo says:

I’d still jizz on her face.

JUJIN1992 says:

And first comment lol, have never had first comment lol

totallynotjonathan says:

shes kinda scary

leerayray says:

She looks like Morticia Addams.

Jan Slager says:

They both have a nice firm nose.

sergio martins says:

Idiots the brz has only the body in comun with the FR-S and GT 86! The rest
is totaly diferent!

Bert Webster says:

Great car and pretty girl. All we ever wanted.

zerocool82x says:

Please drive manual cars!!!

Earthling1984 says:

She looks evil. Anyone else click this video just to see what she looked
like? She looked just as scary in the thumbnail!

StudioCharli says:

This video had only been up for a few hours so let JUJIN1992 have his glory

imhot142 says:

you should be in the kitchen.

kiwinorway says:

Subaru engine, what a fuck up

vroomgc says:

Perfect car for chicks I agree… I mean who wants a Scion.. seriously

tbhglobal says:

Looks like she has done a huge burn out at around 1:10

JUJIN1992 says:

Like this car

TheWOWRichardqian says:


Rick Rojas says:

That bitch is fine

strateass says:

Hah does it bother anyone else she says it is an eightysix when its an

newcgeo says:

Great video and production. Your presentation style is excelleny. Keep it

Sam Cleophas says:


DogLife says:

there is no R in Toyota.

Stuart C says:

the Elvira ?? remember her ?

adamk287 says:

What’s that 86? I am a vampire! What?

Константин Балабанов says:

пиздец у етой телки нос

chicolatinochevere says:

I don’t like the black bumper of the Subaru BRZ.

Tom Jizzowicz says:

i think she means it will sound more ‘darker’ then any other straight 4
cycl…. so basically it sounds and performs better then other 4 cycls?

GussetMonkey says:

Odd name for a wife

ecb116 says:

Morticia Addams much?

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