Toyota 86 Review (GT86 / Scion FR-S) – Chasing Cars Australia

Toyota 86 Review (GT86 / Scion FR-S) – Chasing Cars Australia

Check out our detailed review of the Toyota 86 GT and GTS at! The Tom Baker / Chasing Cars review: We loved the Toyota 86 after sp…



Straya27 says:

Hey Tom, great review of the 86/BRZ, do you think you could review the 2015
Subaru WRX and WRX STI. Due to Mitsubishi Evoloution production ending this
year, the two Subaru’s will be the only AWD sports compact/hot hatch cars
on the market, so it wouod be interesting to see if the AWD Subaru is worth
the extra doin over its rivals like the VW GTI or the Mazda 3 MPS.

thewizardwu says:

He’s very knowledgeable and sure knows whats he’s talking about. Just need
a few tips on how to make the video more PR friendly. Keep up the good
work, Cheers

walshkerry says:

Little bit monotone…

critter1171 says:

Was wondering if you could do a review on the GTS model? P.S Try and have
fun when reviewing a car, use an explosive attitude! This is fun looking
sports car! Have some excitement haha :)

spareaccounts says:

Nice work Tom, may I suggest that you show the exterior + interior as part
of the review, maybe just panning the camera or something similar so we can
grasp more about the car. Just my thought. says:

Shouldn’t be, thanks for the heads up

evilet1111 says:

Mic check

Mathis Moose says:

Your review could just be read out of some news paper. Actually drive the
car hard and tell the camera how it feels and responds to how you’re
driving. Nobody who buys the 86 cares that the rear seats are bad or that
the interior is poor, they get it cause it’s fun to drive, and you don’t
really go into that. Describing the look of the car is stupid as well,
cause it’s a video and we can see that.

nafism6969 says:

yawn says:

Thank you for the tip, I’ll keep it it mind!

Shahe N says:

Hey dude, just a tip, when you’re talking chill out, you look really tense
like you’re reenacting a speech you’ve rehearsed a hundred times. By all
means give the analytical approach to your explanation of the specs. but
for the most part us gear heads don’t care how grammatically fancy you

Jonathan Lam says:

Mono Audio?? says:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure to integrate into future videos.

Oskar Klement says:

You’re such a gimp, Jonathan Lam.

Adam Smith says:

omg. you sit in the car like a lebo. sit up straight says:

I’m working on the tech and help I have available to me to create those

Luke Morris says:

Nice video, for the price its one fresh looking car says:

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