The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

One of the most anticipated new cars of 2012, the Toyota rear wheel drive entry level sports car with too many names: GT-86, FT-86, and FRS. Also known as th…



Submitr says:

Dunno why people overpraise this car. If you look at the numbers, the
Mustang is cheaper and faster in a straight line. “But this car is about
handling and track performance”. Well the Mustang beats it at track, sorry.
You might be eating my dust close behind me in the corners but come
straights I’ll pull away slowly and surely.

Sure it’s a tuners car but 95% of you won’t do anything major to it besides
an exhaust and an intake.Give me a reason to justify your purchase besides
‘but it feels good’. 

NinjaKing878 says:

The scion frs and the Toyota gt86 kinda look alike from the back

Metta Kindfulness says:

GT 86 is the car that motivated me to learn about cars. My absolute must
have dream car. First I need to graduate and get a job. Then I must get the
GT86. When I was little all of my family car’s were toyotas. So Toyota is
like family to me in terms of cars. I love the Orange GT86. Mr Chris is
an awesome reviewer who should get the job at top gear BBC.

Samspeed94 says:

I’m in love with this car, I want one and I’ll get it.

mike cassey says:

I’ve been driving the GT86 since June 2012 and it has been a bloody fun
car. I’ve had more powerful cars before (600hp supra, V8’s, and a hot
hatch) but none, none of those cars were close to the fun I’m getting from
the GT86.

londong hung says:

Rev up the rpm and let it stay there while shifting gears and it will be
hard to for anyone to pass you. Drag race
Or straight road racing are for amateurs. Anyone can do it without
practice no skills required. 

dennis sandlin says:

People saying it needs more power no it does not you forget what this car
was modelded after the AE86 which is known for being low hp amazing
handleing and small light and very nimble i know cause i own one and will
be buying a gt86 later for a modern daily driver but of course has to be a
fun drivers car the hp is perfect factory (: 

Chris Yarzab says:
Daniel Velazco says:

I’m ready for this.

Toyota Australia says:

‎”This is the car I’ve been waiting for!” Watch Top Gear’s Chris Harris
test drive the 86.

Joseph Dalrymple says:

I can’t wait any longer!!

Albert Kennedy says:

Clearly, this guy is excited about the car.

Ritesh Sharma says:

Drive’s review of the 86.

Joseph Blowington says:

Chris Harris, Drive can’t even afford to fly you business? You’re better
than this shit company man. All of the other reviewers are jokes. Look
into starting your own. Everyone will switch over and forget what Drive

You are Drive. The only reason anyone subscribes to the channel is because
of you. Either find an investor to start your own show or demand a big ass
raise. They’ll be dead without you. says:

20 minutes on track with *2012 Toyota GT 86*. This is what many have been
waiting for!

Jack Black says:

This feels like an ad… but i still like da car

Thomas Kampstra says:

I will have this car!!!

Abhilash Bingi says:

Chris Harris’ (of EVO mag) impression of the #brz / #frs / #gt86 /
#hachiroku ! I’ve not seen him this excited even for cars costing twice as
much. Can’t wait to see what +Jeremy Clarkson & co think of it!

Adam Musial-Bright says:

Amazing ft-86 underdog focusing on pure driving experience – well put chris

The Toyota FT-86, GT-86, Scion FRS – Chris Harris On Cars

aToysoldier says:

i get my gt86 in four days! i cant sleep anymore, a cant eat enymore…

Mike Doolittle says:

I like this car (so does Chris Harris it seems).

I also like what he says at 9:25, it falls right in line with what my
philosophy has always been on driving pleasure. Fun. Sure, your car has
massive horsepower, massive grip, and can lap the Nurburgring in 6 minutes.
In the real world (commuting, 60mph speed limits, others lives, etc) all
that car is, is an ego stroke.

For example, by my house, there is a ramp between two freeways that I take
the Mini around at 60mph +/- ;). Fast enough that I get a little giggly,
and the wife gets mad. While I leave myself a good margin, no 10/10ths
here, you can feel the Mini working. In something like a Ferrari 458, it
would be just loping around at that speed. You’d have to hit triple digits
to get to the ‘fun’ zone. Now as you accelerate out of the corner (part of
the fun!) you are blowing by the state patrol at well over double the speed
limit. When they get you, and they will, you are lookin’ at a beating at
best. The Mini would have had enough time to spot the SP and back out of
it. A Ticket at worst.

The only way to properly enjoy a 458 would be to drive like a total and
complete jackass… I would go further to say, as the semi-responsible
citizen that I see myself, I would enjoy driving my Mini day to day more
than a 458. I couldn’t care less about image (have you seen my hair cut, I
do it myself).

That said, I would welcome someone to prove me wrong. I will need at least
a month with the 458, probably more.

Eric Jan says:

Looks like the FT-86 will be a good one.. !

Warren Moraes says:

I want this ride!

eka prasetiya says:

mobil aku

zodiacfml says:

I have never been jealous nor envious in my life after my neighbor just
bought one with red and huge rear wing despite the car costing additional
50% tax in our third world country.

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