The Smart Fortwo vs the Toyota IQ

The Smart Fortwo vs the Toyota IQ

A look at the 2009 Smart ForTwo and 2012 Toyota IQ3 Blog Entry



Virak Thong says:

Al Gore don’t use these cars, he only use private jet and a giant truck. 


even in the USA this car is way to expensive for what you get, i would
rather get a Ford focus or equivalent.

EclipseGaming says:

It is the Scion IQ not Toyota IQ 

Curt D says:

I like the smart except for the transmission. In the US we can’t get a true
manual transmission so I won’t get one.

McRocket says:

Great review, imo.

Thank you.

Timothy Deakin says:

My dad had 3 smart for various reasons. Smart are terrible cars. Over
priced and expensive when they go wrong and that happens quite a lot
compared to other manufactures. Gear box is no good and neither is the ride
Now got a IQ now which I drive regularly. A much better car. Again quite
expensive for what your buying. Ride quality is very good. Only thing I
don’t like is the auto gear box. Don’t get me wrong is miles better that
the smarts. It is inconsistent. Most of the time it is fine but
occasionally when setting off from a standing still it feels really really
slow. Couple of times it has left me in a sticky situation when leaving
busy junctions.The auto down shitting can be overbearing when in slow
moving traffic. Trick is to put the gear box in S mode. The down shifts are
less notifiable and it handles the small variation of speed in a traffic
jam much better.


he should of got a classic mini, the best car in the world at least to me
it is plus it is very small and classic

PhantomTD says:

The gearboxes are quite different. The iq has a traditional autogearbox
witch is not as effective, it is a torque converter witch almost always har
a loss of both power and mpg. The smart is just like a manual, except you
dont control the clutch yourself. It is more effective but imagne another
person in charge of the clutch, it can get jerky until you learn eachothers
rythem. Great review!

Kurzland says:

This guy sounds like James May from Top Gear.

Rich Aie says:


Stefano Nicoloso says:

Very well done thanks for this comparison

Mercedes Kirk says:

very nice review thank you

hagbard says:

You need to change gears manually in the smart if you don’t want to drive
yourself nuts.

garattyfisher says:

Great video. Hard off to you. The gf recently bought a Brabus edition
Smart. What a great looking little car. I love taking it on the freeway.
People get enticed to race me because I pass them easily. Great little car.
Fun fun fun.

micheals1992 says:

I’m thinking about buying a 2009 Smart 800cc Diesel as my first car. It’s
great that you actually have a video of this! I subbed because of your
Action cam videos… thanks Techmoan! :D

toki bolly says:

u need to update this video there is new brand of both cars now

marky says:

Are you ‘Alan Partridge’,? you really are the most boring man i have ever
listened to! 

Mike Neely says:

I really like the depth of your review

got2bHAM says:

Good comparison. I like that you simply highlighted the highs and lows
rather than declaring one better than the other. Honestly I think they’re
an even match. Both cars are tailored for different city drivers and offer
a special uniqueness.

Johnny Jay says:

I Almost Got The IQ , But I Got Smart . . . 

Will Enser says:

Still love my Smart Car. Thanks for this video. Very cool….

zypp33 says:

very useful info, thanks !

mminc81 says:

Very Informative Video, sir!

Krutarth Champaeri says:

best comparison so far

嘻引力通訊 says:


Unan1mouz says:

Great comparison! I LOVE both cars so much… Mini cars such as these are
my obsessions.. <3 Haha. I just wish the Toyota iQ is sold in my country :(

roguepixel100 says:

I changed from a Smart to an IQ. It’s all good except for fuel efficiency
and fun. my Smart was very fast, as I had it chipped. My IQ is sluggish and
not as zippy. Also, the fuel gauge goes up and down at will. Not very
accurate! I love small cars, and I love my IQ. I can park it anywhere, do U
turns etc. Road tax exempt. I can transport 2 adults and 2 hobbits. It
feels like a big car, and handles well. I can’t fit a roof box, though,
which sucks.

Rex Jow says:

You sound like james may.

FrankATracy says:

Advantages of the smart car over the IQ

It stands out on the road compared to the IQ.
Plastic panels can be hit or kicked hard and will not ding. Try that on the
IQ. I’ve had someone open their door and hit my smart pretty hard, but it
didn’t leave a mark. Afterwards a friend asked me about it, so I kicked my
door as hard as I could. Again, no marks or dings. Pretty cool! Try that on
your IQ!
Has a split tailgate, not the cheap and less useful hatchback. Groceries
and other items won’t fall out like they do with a hatchback. I know
because our van is a hatchback. And nothing falls out on an incline with
the smart. Try that with the IQ. And stuff can be stacked up safer in the
smart than in the IQ.
Can maneuver through spaces the IQ can only dream about. (The smart is 6 to
9 inches narrower and about 12” shorter than the IQ) I once had an IQ try
to keep up with me, but I was able to get through an opening between two
cars that the IQ could only dream about!
Takes up less room in a garage. Much more room for other things, like my
library, Soloflex, Treadmill, Total Gym, cabinets all around, etc. etc.
Has a sunroof. Don’t know if that comes as an option for the IQ.
Manual transmissions are just more fun to drive!
Has a ledge that sticks out from the dashboard: great for pens, pencils,
cellphones, etc. And it looks awesome!
More fun being able to say “I have a Mercedez” rather than “I have a
Can sit on the tailgate. Can stand on the tailgate. Can climb over
something from the tailgate. Oops! IQ doesn’t have a tailgate.
Hatch does not go up as high as the hatchback of the IQ so much less likely
to hit something.
Has a tridion safety cell so is much safer in a rollover crash or if
something falls onto the smart as compared to the IQ.
Soft top/cabriolet version available.
Brabus version available. This adds all kinds of features.
MHD version available – a pretty clever idea!
Electric version available.
Diesel version available in some countries. Gets between 60-80 mpg!
Costs less than the IQ.
Can change body panels.
Sits up higher than the IQ.
It’s a two seater. Much better for one-on-one relationships. Never have
With seat down and tailgate down, can lay down in the smart. Great for
looking out the moon roof or for a drive-in theater, or just relaxing.
In an accident the engine is in the back. It won’t be pushed into you from
the front and is designed to go under you if hit from the back. I like that!
Lots of smart clubs around.

By the way, I also have a 2009 smart, but mine has power steering. Also, I
would never have bought a car that I had to 100% of the time remember to
fold the side mirrors in just to get out of my garage. Forget one time
and….oops!, just lost a mirror! (My wife did that once with her
Mitsubishi!) Additionally, my car has never had a rattle, nor have I heard
of that, so I think it’s just your particular car. Oh, it also appeared in
your video that there is lot more window space in the smart, which could
also be seen in the toy cars. And I would hate that annoying reflection in
your car. Very annoying!

Yes the IQ has some advantages also, but you’ve already covered those – at
least in your opinion.

By the way, I also like the Mini Cooper.

felix reynaldo Perales says:

Good comparison

Charsept says:

Wow, those roads are frighteningly narrow
PS – Really high quality vidoe editing and presentation.

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