The Hyundai i40 Tourer

The Hyundai i40 Tourer

You requested it, you wanted Bob to test the Hyundai brand so here is the first of them. The Hyundai i40 Tourer kicks off the reviews of one of the worlds bi…



trefod says:

There is a name for what Hyundai and Kia does in the marked place. It’s
called Disruptive innovation.

Roman Flachs says:

Be aware buyers, some i40s have intermittent steering issues, pulling to
the left
It took Hyundai 5 wheel alignments to fix mine and its still not 100%

xsitegaming1 says:

can we please fuck off with the minecraft adds!!!!! Let me guess have
hyundai come a long way?

CampingHero says:

You know you can Turn The Sound of in The Trip Computer User Settings?

Toby Clowes says:

I like this reviewer he is a bit different to the usual predictable in your
face smiley tick box type of presenter. I suspect he actually understands
cars better than most and is well placed to express a view.

Bob Flavin says:

That’s true but all the cars you mention drive and feel very differently
from one another. Depends on what you like, some people will never stray
outside the German brands and other swear by the French, it’s a tough
choice but value for money is with Hyundai

Gaz Murphin says:

worst review ever trailer should short

Jan Pieter Koopman says:

The melody can easy be switched off in the menu of the dashboard. Great car!

kernowrock555 says:

I wonder… maybe the Hyundai mechanics can switch the melody off!!? The
car looks great.People don’t look down on Skodas’ now… maybe folks
will feel the same way about Hyundai soon. The estate actually looks
‘sporty’! 🙂

JorJorArmany says:

HYUNDAI bro, not HYU-UN-DAI. lol

Ecoenergy says:

Renault 5 year unlimited milage.

Danilo Drašković says:

Good review. This 1.7d is great, but maybe is better to have 1.6d 136hp.
What I like about this car is that is not too big. It is just right. I am
german car fan, but I will definitely reconsider this car. Great job.

Bob Flavin says:

I hear from the US there are some plans to bring the estate version next

AttaboyIII says:

Sorry to nag, but are you gonna do the i30 soon?

Declan King says:

why don’t reviewers take into account servicing costs when reviewing cars,
might change there view when they realise how much hyundai’s etc cost to
maintain. as in hyundai’s there on the dear side for parts

Alper Atakul says:

Sounds like he is saying i-farty 🙂

madant1977 says:

@1rustyb Actually Cruze is an Opel Astra with a different body and cheaper
parts, and Lacetti (at least one in Europe) is an even older Opel Astra.

richa237 says:

Another great review, the veloster will make an interesting review can`t

Arcanage says:

Dad got one of these new today, top of the line.. it’s awesome.. really
nice drive. The suspension is pretty soft and steering is lite but it’s
definitely not too bad. It’s quite a nice change from my Mazda 808 wagon xD

Shaurya Gautam says:

kia optima looks better. Don’t buy i40 sedan buy the optima instead. I
watched all your videos and I love them. Keep them coming man any car I
don’t even care. Great job dude

Richi Blue says:


ThePetrolhead94 says:

Are ya goin to be reviewing any opels i just realised dat you havnt done
any of them

George Salceanu says:

So for a family car, a Hyundai i40 would be better value, but for a
motorway cruiser, the 508 is better. Am i getting it right? Because i’m
kinda in between an i40 Premium and a 508 GT (the one with the 2.2). But
the 508 is a lot more expensive and still doesn’t get all the features that
the i40 gets ( heated wheel and Lane assist, reverse camera , etc.) .

David Oliveira says:

What’s the difference between the I40 and the Sonata? Are they the same
segment, but for different markets?

russell brenzel says:

OK. The door panels, and The dash panels, don’t meet up. Even in American
cars, they do now. On a “later” model Buick, they met up but, I could lift
the corner up with my thumbnail. “Oh”, everyone said. Unacceptable in a
Mercedes, or a BMW. Even a VW. The new Chevy is better, and the ATS, Too..

Bob Flavin says:

@madant1977 I have yet to hear from a Hyundai owner in Ireland who has had
a problem getting work done under warranty. There are things that aren’t
covered by anyone’s warranty such as brakes, shocks and service items.
There is no trick

DJ Ciaran Freestyle says:

*I40.smartphones are not smart! Lol

Bob Flavin says:

@roryniland My opinion of this car couldn’t be more nailed to the mast if I
used a nail gun. I understand the comparison thing and some cars need it.
Most of the time comparing cars is just being lazy, comparing a Hyundai to
an A4 just isn’t fair they are a world away from eachother in price. I like
to review a car based on how it makes me feel while driving it. If it was
worse than something else I’d say it. Thanks for the comment and keep
watching, there will be some comparisons coming soon 😀

sailrjim says:

you Europeans are so lucky to have the estate (tourer) version of the
saloon (called Sonata in the U.S.) Hyundai is really screwing up not
offering the estate in the USA! I hate ’em for that.

mohammedosman88 says:

Really nice review, what about reviewing a Kia Koup 🙂 ?

lbrtjrr says:

got to say, big respect for the south Korean car industry… all the
success they have achieved in the past 5 years is nothing shy of an
industrial revolution…I have the hots for the KIA design

sailrjim says:

The point is I really want this car. The rest of the world has it but the
idiots in the USA won’t let us have it. I don’t WANT a different car.

NuffNuff says:

I farty. Jokes aside, great review

Alexander Torres says:

These reviews are great, very honest, very focused. My favourite aspect is
how Bob avoids criticising the handling for the sake of doing so, by adding
the caveat that that’s the sort of thing only “keen” drivers will notice.
This is something other motoring journalists should do.

Ecoenergy says:

Renault 5 year unlimited milage.

Bob Flavin says:

@seauryakumar I agree with you, the Optima in the ‘right spec’ does look
fantastic but until I see the Irish version I’ll reserve judgement. I’ll
keep the videos coming as long as people watch them.

BilNerd says:

The Sonata and the i40 aren’t the same car, but are based off the same
platform. Exterior styling is quite different, although reminiscent, and
the i40’s interior is of much better build quality. The i40’s also got a
shorter wheelbase and shorter overall length. The Sonata is a nice car, but
wouldn’t work in Europe. Firstly because it’s to big for a European
mid-size and secondly we demand a higher quality interior. The Camry for
instance was discontinued in Europe 10 years ago because of this.

russell brenzel says:

The Chevy Cruze is better in that one little trim thing. That’s it. You
folks in the U.K. , know that the only “American built” cars are few. CTS,
CRUZE, CORVETTE. All of those other Chevy’s are built in Korea,and other
parts of Asia. The “Lecetti “, on Top Gear, was a Suzuki. The badge was
made in China. The Corvette is OK, too. Fun, yes. But OK. I “hired” ,
rented, a car last week. BMW, 535, or, a choice of 2 brand new, ZO6
Corvettes. Color choice, basically. “The BMW, will be fine. 🙂

Jan Pieter Koopman says:

The melodie

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