TFL Quick Pics Review: 2015 Toyota Yaris SE Up Close & Personal

TFL Quick Pics Review: 2015 Toyota Yaris SE Up Close & Personal ) The 2015 Toyota Yaris is a small economy car with a new look. But that’s not what this video is about. Instead we’re trying something completely new with an up close…



Alex Stern says:

I like it. Something new and fresh for sure. Dan seems cool too, and has
serious skills. 

Bati Tsogtsaikhan says:

Why should someone take this car over the ’15 Honda Fit? Genuine question. 

enemay says:

7 min and its called quick? Take his naration, cut it by 2 mins, put him on
video saying it while showing us around the car and give driving
impressions. Guys video is tried and tested, these still images is good for
a quick slide between video for clearer/more details, but its kinda boring.
I got to say he seems pretty cool, just this format, meh.

Kamaka Chang says:

Anyone looking at a Yaris should look at a Corolla. In the South East the
Corolla L is $16k and Corolla LE $17k with rebates before haggling. The
Camry SE is $21k, I know you guys go off of MSRP to keep thing consistent
but the Yaris’ small rebates and profit margin(haggle room) make it a poor

icemanroyal says:

I would buy a lightly used Cruze over this anyday. just my opinion

dave dunn says:

This guy is a better car reviewer than everyone on tfl! He actually has
structure and information. He should do his own channel. 

Colby Blanton says:

Y’all are great! Quick pics is great! Thanks for all your hard work :)

David S says:

The chasis and guts of the 2015 yaris are the same as the 2007, the outside
looks amazing but the interior i think its a step down from the 2007 model.
The 2007 model had the cup holders on top close to the doors and rearview
mirrors and it was so Amazing I think its a drawback of any car that
doesn’t have them there. also interior room was better distributed
specially upfront and the sliding back seat was a life saver for me many

Bruce Solomon says:

Yet another tool in your toolbox, This is another way to keep the show
fresh. While on the subject may I suggest a new opening theme song. Perhaps
using a song every day about a car or driving like Born to Be Wild one day
and Springsteen must have about a hundred songs about cars. Then there’s
Little Deuce Coupe…..

Carlitos Ramos says:

If you’re bringing up windshield wipers to start a conversation, you need
to reassess your life.

David Silva says:

Jeepers, I hope TFLCARS is getting serious $upport from manufacturers for
spots like this one on the Yaris.
I’ve been schmooooozed.
The new Yaris is a new body on a lot of old tech. Still anemic performance
WITH mediocre gas mileage at a NOT SO bargain price.
I sure hope TFLCars still will do critical appraisals, not sales!
I’ve told friends to come here for REAL REVIEWS, not sales marketing!

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

Until Toyota updates the rest of the car I’d pick a Honda Fit over this.

Eric Pettersen says:

hhhhmmmm french car in Toyota clothing? No thanks, I’ll buy a Honda Fit

Steve W says:

It sure does look like an economy car! The wheels are nicer than a
Mitsubishi Mirage but it still looks to be in the same category!

680ecks says:

How does toyota get the payola to car review people do they just hand you
cash ? Or free vacations? If it worked since 07 why change it. What!! The
worst ball licking review I’ve ever heard. Nathan I’m surprised you let
them use you on such a puff salesman review. Roman put a stop to this

headcas620 says:

4spd auto? Can you say cost cutting? Also you say this looks good but the
base model is significantly uglier. 

Josh McCarthy says:

looks good now they need to change up the 10 year old power train. That
includes the 4 speed auto.

TonyTube407 says:

Not too bad for a first attempt. I like the photos and narration. Thanks,
TFL. Thumbs up!

justin bouche says:

check out the Toyota Hideous.

Alan Parkin says:

Excellent review, super informative! Looking forward to following more
from TFL. The Yaris does look great, especially in this color combination.
As the small segment gains even more traction I think that Toyota has the
right idea. I would need one with a real shifter though. Keep up the good
work guys!

Luke Hoisington says:

Seems decent should do a hotter car than a yaris 

The Fast Lane Car says:
usvc1 says:

… Wtf just happened?.. Voice over with pictures? Is the digression due to
laziness?? Or is it due to overextension? Either way, voice over with
pictures is low. Guys just starting out try this on youtube and can’t catch
a break or become successful, why should you get away with this mediocrity?
Its not a knock on Dan, its a knock on TFLs direction. Your vids are what
made you successful. Keep going with that, even if its 1 or 2 a week.
Quality is better than quantity at the expense of quality…

Adam Loer says:

Certainly looks smaller than previous models.. Next time you review a small
car, try describe the seating position. As in, do you feel like your
sitting on a box 2 feet from the floor of the car, or does it hold you at a
good height for driver feel? Would like to see how much room is in the back
with a tall driver, as small families often have small cars. Often the
dad(in my case, uncle) takes the small car around town but can’t fit the
mum in the back too easily. Nonetheless great work guys! Ignore the hatred
of those shrew few, you’re more practically informative and relatable than
plenty of others on YouTube! Cheers +The Fast Lane Car 

Patrick Min says:

Great new segment, I think there’s a load of potential for it. Definitely
love all the real-world usability and touchpoint analysis. 

Bruce Solomon says:

I like that. A car is who you want to be and a house is who you are. 

Stephen Bradley says:

I also like it but the narrator isn’t my cup of tea………Maybe Emme she
would be Perfect for that top spot of controlling the viewers. ;-)

WikdSeafood says:

So, a Yaris SE or a Corolla S? If you’re going to put an “S” or “SE” on
your car, it should be more than a body kit and fancy wheels. Does it have
the same suspension as a standard Yaris? I like the way both the Corolla S
and the Yaris SE look, but I would like something to back that up.

Craig Tothet says:

That was fun. I liked the photo break down. It gives viewers a chance to
see the vechicle up close. I like what Toyota has done with the Yaris
these past few years. I agree that a backup camera should be part of the
package. The new Nissan Versa Note has it.

rextuhfer says:

18k? Should be that trim at 14-15 max.

mikechek says:

I love it guys! This was terrific as it highlighted important quirks in the
vehicle that aren’t mentioned often. Cup holders and car seats matter to
many of us. I know Roman and Nathan speak of these things from time to time
but this type of video just seemed more thought out. Not that I don’t enjoy
some thrashing on the track still. Keep up the work guys and I enjoy your

Robert Kutz says:

like the new video keep it up.

lffit says:

i am 6ft 4 and have tons of leg room upfront in my euro Fiesta

tyler rentz says:

i like it great review 

smibru says:

The car looks excellent, but the power train isn’t from 2007 it is much
older than that. 2007 or 2006 is when Toyota started sell the car in the
states. The power train is from 2002 or 2003! Great video! Price for this
car is way too high! just my opinion. I would buy one thought but not at
that price.

Kamaka Chang says:

Quick Pics is different and fun, I like it.

NatsChat says:

I love the concept. The writing is gorgeous and the audio is clear. I
think if it’s “quick” pics, try to tighten to 5 minutes? Or mix some video
in with the still photos? For the personalization – I would maybe end with
“Buy this car if you’re want (insert 3 reasons)” or something like that.
Overall, another great video from TFL :)

680ecks says:

I got my wife a soul .6 spd .1.6gdi looks funky very roomy .she gets 34mpg
and I paid 14k . And I’m a old guy(44) kids want or should at least get
something up to date . Toyotas not even trying anymore all their
powertrains are way out of date.

Michael Medrano says:

Very interesting little hatch. Great work as usual you guys!

YazeedSaber says:

It looks very nice! 

AntsAfan301 says:

Is this still ugly and too expensive for this lil death trap or is it just

mana1111 says:

Nice pictures I like this. I wish you would talk more about Cons also. Be a
little more unbias instead of just advertising for it; unless of course, if
you really love the car then there really isn’t much cons to say.

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