Test Drive #63 – 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Test Drive #63 – 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Sill-TerHar Motors guys take out the Toyota FJ to try to determine what the draw behind this stripped down SUV really is. Topics include who Mark is text…



Ali Alabbadi says:

They should take these two dummies for crash tests. lol 

Ali Alabbadi says:

two funny clowns 

louis kershner says:

What a couple of douche bags, this thing they don’t understand about this
vehicle that is so foreign to them is called Quality.

Railrunner23 says:

All they are doing is making fun of this car.

Emilio Valenzuela says:

What a bunch of idiots. How can you sell a product you know nothing about?
These two should be flipping burgers with the other brain dead idiots.
Listening to them I could feel my IQ points starting to dip. 

Harry Alee says:

These sigi bums don’t know what they r talking about

NorthGA Prepper says:

Two Ford salesmen, knocking something non-Ford….original. And people
wonder why car salesmen are stereo-typed. 

bajabilly2004 says:

fj is an awesome suv!! u guys dont know shit

5JSG says:

What a surprise they work at a Ford dealership. Don’t know anything about
what they are driving. 

Bren fortyfour says:

‘brah-mance’ at it’s finest

obi wan says:

What are you talking about

SmallyBigz says:

Ford Dealership?

That would explain why these two are such butt hurt douche bags over such a
fine automobile.

Ford hasn’t come up with anything revolutionary since the 1920’s

circledee . says:

what made you put that song ?!!!!!!

Bradley Nagel says:

i wash those blue trucks at 11:04. they’re called precast concepts. i see a
lot of trucks that i wash at my job in these videos!

Don Juan says:

I agree! They are awesome! I watched the train track part 3 times. 🙂

sillterhar says:

No good reason than it amused me. It’s from a Broadway play called Avenue
Q. 🙂

SS J says:

The guy in green comes off as such a bitch.

Benjamin Sun says:

wow, should of reviewed the facts of the car before hitting record

Eric PennYork says:

lol… 🙂

troutslayer05 says:

Started watching this to learn about the FJ continued watching because you
guys are hilarious. But really though…great video but more info on the
car woulda been nice..Thanks for posting

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