Test Drive: 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT MT

Test Drive: 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT MT

We drive Hyundai’s premium grade Elantra with a six-speed manual transmission. Exciting? Sexy? Worth a look in its class? Full text review at www.TestDriven.TV.



Statimtek says:

David Spade is reviewing cars now?

supercooled says:

What’s with the cowboy hat, dude? 

infindebula says:

Beige interior looks awesome. And it’s not available here in Canada on any
trim level. In fact in Canada, if you want a manual transmission, you
can’t get leather, navigation, style, or even the nice wheels. This is
such an awesome car, too bad Hyundai doesn’t want to offer decent options
to Canadian consumers who are willing to pay for them (and they go to great
lengths to ensure we don’t buy from the USA)

Deadpool says:

would hava been WAAAAAAAAY more fun.

Epic Jameson says:

Good car

Doug N. says:

I own a ’13 Elantra GT and after 15 months I’m still very satisfied. And
mine has the 1.8 148hp engine with automatic too.
If you’re looking for a hatch that is reliable, fun to drive, fun to look
at, and will make you smile… then test drive the GT.

Sidney Robertson says:

Great head room in the back compared to the competition. 

Alan Mills says:

The one in this video is exactly the one I want. I mean EXACTLY to the
core. White ext. beige and black leather interior. Manual trans. and
panoramic sunroof. I’m really considering going to the Hyundai dealership
tomorrow to see if they have this exact same vehicle as the one shown in
this video and if they do, see what they can offer me. If they can offer me
a decent trade in, then I’m getting tomorrow no matter what.

Vincent Chen says:

Hyundai is the come back kid along with sister company Kia. 10 years ago,
no way Jose on those horrible rattle boxes. But now! Wow! Zowie! Pow! Here
they come keeping the established on their toes, and honest. Love it! Makes
for a better product for everyone! Everyone wins! Great review. Loved it.

techdude6693 says:

Its interesting that you can get a loaded Elantra GT with a Manual but not
with the coupe. Great Review as always tho Sam :)

Chapman Hyundai says:

The folks at TestDrivenTV.com give us a ride in the 2014 Elantra GT MT
hatchback. View their impressions here:

Ariel Cordero says:

Great review. Helps a lot to make the decision to get one. Me? I would love
to get a black one with black and tan interiors.

redgeminipa says:

I just bought one of these in Windy Sea Blue, but mine only has the Style
package. I must say, I agree with you about the interior and driving
dynamics. I traded in a ’12 Sonata SE, and the interior of this is much
better. I just filled up this morning, and my first tank averaged 31.4 with
about 25% city driving. So far, that’s about 4-5 MPG better than I got with
the Sonata, so I’m happy. 

TheVolabasso says:

I’ve being driving Hyundai ever since 1997 and I must say, they came a
looooonnnng way since then. I’ll never change or drive anything else other
than Hyundai, not even for the Japs made. 

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