Team Review: Hyundai i30 – Fifth Gear

Team Review: Hyundai i30 – Fifth Gear

The team have the Hyundai i30, and review it on it’s looks, handling and power. But some seem more impressed than others! For more fantastic car reviews, sho…



Rami Hu says:

A bit rubish video – surprised by Jason and Vicky scores :O I never owned
Hyndai but my friend has previous i30 without problems, and few days ago I
saw the new i30 on the street – I turned my head actually! I think it has
lovely lines, wind like.. at least in other colors than boring ordinary

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

…put it this way; if the is a car the the next door neighbours wouldn’t
even notice then by the same token the VW Golf must seem like a totally
invisible car because of all the hatch backs on sale today the Golf has, by
a country mile, the least design flair to be found on any car in the

This car is a good distinctively designed car and with Hyundai (and sister
company Kia) making such massive strides in their design and quality it
won’t be long before they are the ones other cars will be compared against.

David Lawman says:

I’ll give mine a 10 since there is nothing I can complaint about.

odzadze123 says:

Ugly Noisy Vehicle… !

PiorunPL says:

That was an very professional review. Right, average test deserve average
score, but that was sadly the very bad review and deserve about 2/10
The car however is about 8/10 to 10/10 depends on the potential customer

Rick B says:

I want one of these reviews for every car.

Yasser Khan says:

Rubbish video. 

Dee San says:

Test hatch back cars like Audi rs6, Mercedes E- Class and so on. It would
be interesting and fun!

Al Bundy says:

That thing is so boring.

9392388886 says:

It was a superb video, but
i really don’t understand why the score was given only 5. I guess this
car really deserves an 8/10

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