Tata Zest vs Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent | Comparison Test | Autocar India

Tata Zest vs Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze vs Hyundai Xcent | Comparison Test | Autocar India

Tata’s new compact sedan, the Zest faces off against the heavyweights of the sub-four-metre sedan segment, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the Honda Amaze and the H…



Dhananjayan Kausshik says:

Zest is the best package… a perfect mix of all the plus points of it’s

pravin murthy says:

Happy to see the Zest being promoted to no.2 by AUTOCAR from its former
no.3 position..

True.. just as a car the Xcent comes out tops coz of its all round
ability.. however if we factor in the prices.. esp considering the Xcent
SX(O) is on par on features with Zest XMS! It is the Zest which comes out
top with its great value for money..

suyash atal says:

hey, Can you also suggest on the Chevy Sail which was recently been
updated. I know its not in same category but its cost is somewhere in same
range. So If you can suggest considering that too, it would be helpfull for

GoliathAngelus says:

One of the ugliest Honda they have ever made

rahul sharma says:

Are you kidding me ? Zest is the winner not xcent. Overall Zest is the one
which is good among all. Xcent Kappa engine isn’t as powerful as Revotron.
Feature wise its slightly up from zest but not whole lot more. Zest is
feature packed with power. I want diesel review of same cars if you can. I
will wait for diesel review. Zest with manual transmission not AMT as its
not the smoothest gearbox.

Samrat Roy says:

Same review for Diesel models please ..

rakhi narayanan says:

Dezire sold 18185 units in September 2014. This is the second most selling
car in india right now, second only to Maruthi’s alto. The other three cars
in comparison here sold 11660, put together. Means the dezire sold 6525
more units than the other three cars put together in the last month.

This shows the fact that there is something more to the feeling of the
indian market that what is discussed here.

Indranil Basu says:

Zest has certainly packed a huge huge punch !!! way to go tata !!

Abhijeet Singh says:

Value for money, fully packed with the best in class features, best ride
quality. TaTa Zest! Zestified!

skidd666 says:

Tata did a comendable job on the Zest but for potential buyers its
long-term reliability will be a concern when compared to all its rivals and
also Tata dealers’ post sale service is a hit or miss all over the country.

Amaze lost out flatly with its looks and build quality because of terrible,
terrible cost cutting practies by Honda. The tinish ‘coke can’ like feel of
the body is such an off putting thing and interiors are horrible. Honda
needs to poach some of Hyundai’s designers. 😉

D’zire even though a trust worthy race horse, needs a revamp and new
clothes in & out, stat.

Hyundai as usual is the looker and the bold way in which HMIL tackles the
Indian market with good products leaves a confident impression in people’s
mind which will pull them towards the brand.

Srinivasa kumar says:

ZEST is the best. I went to 300KM’s in my friend’s Excent.
It’snot at all good car. I m not able to sit comfortably in passenger seat.
Just going on brand image…

deep.1883 says:

Tata zest is the best

Vivek kumar says:

Nice comparison. Zest seems to be a good come back car for Tata motors. It
stands up to the hype that was given.

Devdatta Bhurewar says:


Aditya Moghe says:

zest is the best buy here go ahead 

sachin a says:

biased, zest will be the car of the year and no way xcent is better than

aditya MUKUND says:

Amaze is best

Devdatta Bhurewar says:

Zest is having package but boring and countless…..amaze and dzire should
be never considered even after this….

sachin a says:

zest is best

i Tech says:

Xcent Last man standing wohoo ….now i am proud owner of this car

stripes12345678910 says:

Hyundai wins again.

stripes12345678910 says:


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