Subaru Impreza Wrx vs Hyundai Genesis 2.0T

Subaru Impreza Wrx vs Hyundai Genesis 2.0T

I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS FILM Subaru Impreza Wrx vs Hyundai Genesis 2.0T 3 videos in one great rip subaru 2 out of 3 genesis 1 out of 3.



odessaboy says:

At first I was upset to see how irresponsible these people were racing in a
neighborhood, as opposed to a bridge or highway . But then I saw how slow
their cars were.

Nihal Farooq says:

A genesis matches with a frs on a straight … Wrx needs a driver mod

Justin Evans says:

Lmfao yall kids are so gay

Alex O'Kane says:

Lmao. I walk subarus in my genesis all day. Wrxs and stis. Hop off

Jose Lizardi says:

U are gay ass fuck dumb ass housenigga. U were going like 50 mph. Just
shoot yourself seriously.u are watching way to much fast and the furious.u
call that a race? U are fucking joke.god dam blasphemer.

TheKiddGio says:

Lls I dont see why this video has so many dislikes, but I like it llsss

digmynewsocks says:

the rims on the genesis suck huge donkey dick, i hope ya didn’t pay a lot
for them, or maybe his real rims are on order, or something like that

Bee20er says:

So were they racing on the counts or the beeps? I couldn’t tell cu you
fuckers did both :smdh:

Todd Snyder says:

lol, kids driving their parents cars, dont know how rpms work when racing
from a roll. that wrx will easly take that genisis. Even as stock.

Dakota Sommer says:

Jesus Christ! Michael J Fox could hold a camera more still

MrDulvalius69 says:

wow a base genesis is faster then a wrx, ive seen it all now.

Brock Dyer says:

Kids need to learn how to race. They ain’t even dropping down in gear to
get that high rpm and the genesis ain’t getting his turbo spoiled enough to
get that pull

Martin Blatny says:

Brian stop bitching, you sound like a little girl who just started bleeding

DeDom says:

Grow up and buy your own cars.

jeymz77 says:

The only thing that WRX needs is a driver mod. 

junior21255 says:

the guy in the WRX needs to get with the program.

RZEZZZ says:

The WRX wins even if the didn’t race because of the 80’s yellow wheels on
the Korean car.

Muscle Mike says:

jesus christ slow down to 30mph!!

asdsadsad asdsadsads says:

That hyundai is 2.0.T Not a 3.6V

Gen Tech says:

try that against a 2013 gen…an he’ll get straight owned

MrSonicArt says:

Did anybody ask your bitch ass to watch it? Shut up and go do the laundry
or something you crying pussy.

Muscle Mike says:

well Ive had my wrx for about 7yrs now and have never once rallied it or
took it to the track lmao, its got just under 400hp and launches and drag
races just fine, am I an idiot?? lol wrx’s are for anything you want them
to be bro, to have fun

steve yager says:

Those rims >.<

turbo_powahhh says:

how old are we here, seriously? racing on streets? it’s a shame parents
buying these little teenagers these cars. gives other owners bad reps. keep
the racing to staged events, boys. you have a great car – don’t blow it by
doing something stupid that will get yourself and/or other people hurt.

jk240sx says:

little rich kids that need to get jobs and learn how to drive lmao

CamzHill says:

hoooooly fuck this kid is a whiny little bitch

Paul S says:

WRX rules

ProduktOfEv0lution says:

U should be shitting on that hyundai….

Arman Medina says:

i say its the preferred car

Namespolicy Isfornazis says:

That Genesis has the riceiest looking hood I’ve seen in years. By now the
poor thing probably has a wing and a VTEC sticker on it.

MrJmarichal says:

you smoke STIs in your v6 stang?..haha dont make me laugh bro. and of
course if you get an automatic like my girlfriend did, the car will be
considerably slower.

joey20112 says:

God, the 2.0t Genesis is sooooooo slow. It sounds modded to hell and the
stock WRX STILL beat it. I had a 2010 GC 2.0 auto, I loathed that car. I
now have a 2012 Mustang V6 and I smoke STI’s, so it was quite an upgrade.


the 2.0 t’s are turds. every 11teen year old has one. fun day at darlington
when 3 guys form the car club were talking smack on a stock 370z and 5.0
mustang. the 20.t’s got no lube raped in the 1/4. my 79 el camino thats 35
years old with a stock 350 is faster.

WolfPackNJC says:


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