Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5 Miata vs Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Sub-30K RWD Sports Coupe Test

Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5 Miata vs Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Sub-30K RWD Sports Coupe Test

Hyundai, Mazda and now Subaru provide us with three genuine sports-car options under $30000. We test the Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring vs. Hyundai Genesis …



Ryan Day says:

Haha. I love how much hate there is for the FRS/BRZ in EVERY youtube
comments section where the FRS wins a head to head. So many people love
driving it, and idiots get on here complaining because it doesn’t have the
best numbers, therefore all these professional car enthusiasts are
mistaken, and joe shmo clearly knows what’s best. lol.

Take the FRS for a test drive, it’s a blast. 

Alina Mamaeva says:

Народ! Какой нахрен хьюндай, и какой нахрен гнезис?! Вы что? всерьёз
воспринимаете эти беспонтовые корейские маркетинговые побрякушки? В топку
всякие кии и хьюндаи! И не нужно их сравнивать с нормальными автомобилями!

MultiKalwin says:

After my own experiences and opinion…

Miata – too impractical and kinda ga… feminine

BRZ – Horrible interior, after a while it’s an eyesore for anyone but a
pure enthusiast. And Lets face it…Needs… more.. power..

Genesis Coupe – The winner. Modern luxury interior. Top notch imo. Get a
manual 2013+ V6 track used with low miles for 25kish and you have a beastly
fast sports car that does everything well enough for the street. The BRZ
might be more fun to drive, but it does 0-60 2 SECONDS slower than the
genesis V6…. both of them will bring the same size smile to the driver.
The way the car looks isn’t as nice as it could be, but it’s fair enough.
I give the BRZ the win for looks.

That’s where i am now, trying to find that perfect used genesis. I’m not
buying brand new one for 36k.

1814Racing says:


Randolph Palma says:

Nicely done gentlemen. Short, sweet and to the point. Keep up the good work

Bob Outélama says:

Problem of the youtube comment section : too much “drivers” are driving
their car on Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.

If it’s about real driving, believe the pros, this BRZ is an astonishing
car that completely make you enjoy driving.

After that, my last comment is : “Haters gonna hate !”

Andrew Wishon says:

Love my FR-S. The only thing about the BRZ I dont like is the only thing
thats different. The ugly mustache. :D

scott cuiso says:

Haven’t driven the others but I’m a solid fan of my ’06 MX-5.

theink bot says:

What no 3.8 geniuses? 

DougDstudiocreations says:

I wonder how much advertising Subaru had to do in their magazine to become
the winner? These guys really don’t know anything. 

MegaChad29 says:

Too many noobs buying automatic BRZ/FRS. If your gonna drive slow, may as
well do it in a convertible!

Catcrumbs says:

It’s not ‘Hundai’ – there’s a ‘y’ in there.

David And says:

I see people talking about Hyundai being the best here?… U guys know
nothing of automotive, car companies now can bend n mold metal n plastic
any way they like but not everyone can do what Subaru/Toyota did with this
car I own a lexus is-f which just slaps the Hyundai but my fr-s is still
more fun to sit behind the wheel….. So shhhhh brz/frs is a instant
classic automobile for a reason

Reaperman4711 says:

I really wish Mazda would start including the Mazdaspeed sway bars in with
the sport pack (LSD/shocks). Watching the body roll in these comparisons
is always painful. I get it, those old roadsters rolled a bit, but jeez do
we still have to suffer?

Pedro Pedrosoy says:

battle of slow lame jap cars vs Genesis coupe

Brandon Walker says:

Subie’s gonna win! LOL 

KT says:

WoW who hires these people. Worst review ever. MX-5 is #1 BR-Z #2. Such

NinjaTactics says:

Hyundai had a good looking car the new one is ugly… They should of given
the 2012 2.0t 50 hp more and lose 50 to 70 lb …

Dr Noro says:

Please make a part 2!

NinjaTactics says:

If the brz and frs had 245/45/17 inch tires all around, 80 more hp and 112
pounds lighter now that would be a car for the ages.

kenkko asagi says:

2:59 it must be good because ita jezzas favourite tool .

Brett Brinley says:

because it can handle it wins….. such a disconnect between in the real
world and these track commentators/magazines.

cdrazic93 says:

Chrisjana75, please go look at the head 2 head review of the brz vs the
mustang V6. Its not always about numbers as you seem to think. while the
mustang beats it on paper, the brz won because of its feel, the way it was
designed, the purpose it was built for. Not based on numbers, but by buyers
and the feel of the car (ive driven both mustang and brz) american cars
find home at the stop light. Non domestic cars find their home at the
canyon road. But dont be mad you bought a “inferior” car.

Ryan Sax says:

Actually to get the same features as the cheapest Gen Coupe, you end up
spending about $9k more for the V8 Mustang.

kierenalvarez says:

if you take it literally … i mean sti make a brz motor…

T1Oracle says:

Not since they upped the power to 300+HP. 300HP is not a joke, especially
in a 3,501 lbs car.

DareDevil5692 says:

I wish they wouldn’t have used the worst genesis coupe. The 3.8 is awesome,
but it is not in the same class and I feel not mentioning that there is a
fast genesis was an oversight

steven nunez says:

dude the base price for a ford focus st is 23,495 and fully loaded it’s
28,170 where did you get 30+ k from????

usanchez97 says:

Preludes are garbage and a Miata handles 10 times better than a mustang.
You say the mustang “beats” the wrx that you “had”, but beat it in what
exactly? You sound like a little kid.I know a V6 will outperform the cars
you mentioned in a drag race, but the miata and wrx handle better.The
reason I say they’re a joke is because a V6 can’t carry the weight of a
mustang as good as a V8.I don’t what you were trying to prove when you said
your mustang could beat an accord..oh sorry I mean a prelude.

Chris Drazic says:

Texa…the brz has Prius tires on it for stock tires. So you can put the
tail out at 30 mph. There is a reason why Jeremy Clarkson loves it so much.

Ryan Sax says:

The only decent 4 cyl NA engines are made by Honda.

ChicagoBullsFan4Life says:

I will give you that those fake hood vents just scream RICER…I mean

ChicagoBullsFan4Life says:

Staking more videos…figures. Are you korean?

Alex Wu says:

I’d take it you haven’t drove any of these 3 cars yet?

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