Sporty hatch comparison: Kia Procee’d GT v Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo v Renault Megane RS265 Sport



supercooled says:

The Kia Pro Ceed is the best value and all around package. Looks great and
has decent performance to boot. The 4 (5) door hatchback version is even
better. I just never liked the Veloster Turbo. Looks too boy racer. 

Taylor Turtle says:

Have driven all three myself and own a Veloster SR Turbo, agree the renault
has more power, but the pro’ceed uses the exact same engine as the
veloster, and is sub par in terms of value… if tyres are such a big issue
for you guys, change them….

TheLeathemm says:

kia and hyundai and sub standard compared to the renault

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