SNOWY Off-Road Review: 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport on Everyman Driver

SNOWY Off-Road Review: 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport on Everyman Driver – “Dominate on Youtube for Beginners” – How I gained 50000 subscribers and made $50000 in 2 years!…



Matt Armstrong says:

Just fyi, the lock button does not lock all 4 wheels together. It merely
locks the center differential so the power is split 50/50. 

Yippie says:

I’m impressed by it’s all-wheel drive system. I assume those were
all-season tires?

Scott K says:

I’m impressed with how Hyundai has programmed the traction control. Unlike
the Acura you tried out where the traction control cut power before the
rear wheels activated, this and the Tucson you previously tested actually
allows the wheels to spin… and, I noticed the system tries different
tactics if you keep your foot on the gas and let it do its thing.

mmz77 says:

Is alex still part of Everyman driver?

Held@RockPoint says:

Hi Dave +Everyman Driver Car Reviews, great review! I have a question, if
the Santa Fe Sport is a compact SUV, where does that leave the Tucson?
Won’t it be fair to say that some of these SUVs are bordering on the
mid-sized segment?

8DC Photography says:

Great review I’ve been waiting to see this one. I’m from the UK and have
recently bought the Santa Fe Premium SE which is the top of the range here.
It is my first foray with Hyundai and I can honestly say I continue to be
impressed with the Santa Fe and Hyundai.

We have a different configuration over here. Only one engine variant which
is a 2.2l deisel outputting 196hp but over 320lb ft or torque at 1800rpm
which means the 6 speed manual can pull 2500kg, we still prefer manuals in
the UK.

The premium SE also comes with 7 seat configuration as standard with
beautiful 19″ iridium black alloys. The only thing we don’t get it the
power tailgate. Looks like Hyundai went for the 7 seats as they aren’t
planning to launch a right hand drive variant of the Grand Sante Fe
here…. boo hoo

Glad to see it can hold its own off road in the snow typically since
getting the AWD we haven’t had any snow worth worrying about here.

MrE30ftw says:

How would you compare the santafe sport to the cx5 off road? I work at a
mazda hyundai dealership and we tend to like the mazda more for going off

Brandon Oftedal says:

oh what the hell man im starting to give up on thinking about the rogue
video off road.

Nathan Spence says:

Awesome review. This vehicle right here is the semi perfect hyundai that
they need. This vehicle is the closest unibody suv U’ll get to a body on
frame (4runner). Hyundai has finally done it. Very proud of them.
Turbo…Locke diff. Excellent. 

Lee Cheek says:

Great review! Any chance you can get your hands on a Grand Cherokee to see
how it does on ORV Park? I have a ’14 Limited GC with the Diesel and does
pretty well off road. Curious to see how it compares to all your other

Sacapuntas says:

I’m not sure I really like the rear hatch opening automatically if I am
standing behind it for a few seconds. Seems if you close the rear hatch,
then stand there to do something (talk, pickup something from the ground)
it would open again.
Is that how that feature works?

Scott K says:

From what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong, the lock button
doesn’t lock all four wheels like a traditional 4×4. Rather it presets the
torque distribution at 50/50 instead of its default setting of 100/0 until
a wheel spins.

AMDX1325 says:

I still remember when you got the 4runner stuck…one of the best
unscripted moment in EMD

Steve W says:

Bravo! Great review. I never would have thought this to be such a capable
off road vehicle.

Moparman90 says:

Almost a Nissan dash flanked with Porsche air vents.

B Bennett says:

You should try some more truck reviews :)

Bobby H says:

will you test the Jeep Compass off and on road?

theaviator06 says:

Don’t really understand why so many new vehicles are coming out with the
hill descent feature, especially crossovers and now some cars. 99% of the
people will never use it or probably don’t even know what it is. I guess
it is just to have a check in the feature box when comparing to

booksyn says:

Great review of one of my favorite crossover SUVs. I currently drive a Jeep
Liberty 4×4 and it’s incredible in the snow, but have considered this
Hyundai Santa Fe turbo as a possible upgrade sometime in the future That or
the venerable Jeep Grand Cherokee, another SUV you’ve done great reviews
on. Keep the SUVs streaming! 

tribunation says:

Traction control should be off when going up hill in snow or mud. The
traction control will be fighting the momentum to need to get up the hill
by applying the brakes to various wheels..

Brandon Oftedal says:

Come on dave i want to see the rogue off road already im counting on you 

TheQuickyouknow says:

Love the snowy off road reviews. 

Игорь Свой says:

Классный обзор. Хорошо видны возможности авто.

Han Yan says:

The problem with this car is gas mileage. Where do you think the problem

David, do you have plan to review 2015 Nissan Murano?

Thanks for all the reviews. They are interesting and practical. 

27Zangle says:

I am actually impressed how well it does in this environment. May have to
look into one of these after college is out next year for my wife and kids.

Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:

Snowy Icy Off-Road Review: 2015 @Hyundai Santa Fe Sport @EverymanDriver

Eric Oberhaus says:

That’s pretty impressive stuff for a “soft roader” with street tires.
Makes me wonder why anyone would ever need much else (i.e. Jeep or Ranger
Rover) just for getting the groceries. 

thxiv says:

You should let Greg drive in your videos; see how he does and get his
driving impressions.

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

looking forward to the new pilot this week too !

Ivan Vojt says:

Dave just drive though the icy pond backwards, i’m sure it’ll be OK!

DroverChicago says:

LOL @ the truck-swallowing Pond of Doom

Alden V says:

That was intense! Loved it!

Yonny G says:

Nice car and review :)

Christopher Torres says:

I have been waiting forever for this review lol

carlorjj says:

Great Video as always Dave! thanks

Hexen302 says:

Great Video as always Dave!

Heather Barley says:


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