Short Takes: 2005 Kia Sorento LX (Start Up, Engine, Full Tour)



PussMag says:

average Hyundai KIA after 2000s see above 150-180k miles, which is
Toyota/Honda/Subaru territory

Jonathan Altieri says:

Forgot to mention. As you can see, Kia’s from the mid 2000’s on up, hold up
very well. This one is in great shape for it’s age and miles.

MercedesC300161 says:

Lol! Maybe next time.

Saabkyle04 says:

@stwartfan123 I will try, I’m still here and almost done with what I have
to do then I’ll do a couple to save for a little later, this week is going
to be crazy busy for videos haha. too many things to film 🙂

David G says:

gas mileage is horrible a suv

Ianna Matney says:

please do that suzuki forenza 0:18

Michael Wiman says:

you featured both of my moms and dads cars. the mariner and cavalier

talldude123 says:

@Wheelman286 No, Delco is their own brand, it’s a car audio multimedia
brand. Don’t forget GM also uses Bose.

Wheelman286 says:

Delco?? I thought Delco was a Gm thing kinda like polyphony digital to sony.

Erick Dye-Cain says:

nice car.

BluePancake1000 says:

how so?

integraz32lover says:

@MercedesC300161 Yep ill try lol

Alex Duke says:

@TerryCPiano if you check out intechdude300’s channel, he just did a video
on a 2010 TL

Abood Bieber says:

it’s ugly car …..fuck you

الراقي العتيبي says:


nicolashayaya says:

nice car

Metman2Tech says:

@nflfan421 Wanna buy one? My wife and I are looking to replace hers, just
based on MPG.

yamahonkawazuki says:

@scaremengaviation still not great. check the soul lol. hyundai has gotten
better. i had them when they were as bad as kia is. yes htey are getting
better but have a long way to go. hyundai still has inssues in many of
their cars. BUT have made it over 20 years in this country. so that says

Jonathan Altieri says:

I like the Sorento’s. The new ones out now are even nicer.

SuperSportSS says:

@Finalomen yeah and theyre all junk cars in my opinion.

Daracon1010 says:

I own this car, and it has served me well. It performed well in crash
tests, fuel economy could be better, but overall it’s a great car. People
who are saying that it’s “unsafe” are dumbarses. It’s only unsafe if you
want to be a wreckless moron on the road. In a crash it would do quite well
in protecting the passengers. Besides – “everything” is unsafe ultimately.
The ground is unsafe because you can slip and fall at any moment and crack
your head open.

SuperSportSS says:

@krakmxer Been a sub since 2009. I admit I was in a bad mood last night.
Shouldnt have said what I said.

Wyatt Hutchinson says:

I really dont like your “short takes” I think you should stick to the full
in depth tours

cjj822000 says:

hey kyle can you do a video on a mercedes benz 300e please

talldude123 says:

ATTENTION ALL: The song played in the beginning of this video is: Red Rider
– Lunatic Fringe. To watch it, just place this at the end of the Youtube
dot com. /watch?v=uqUa_G1h3pw

cheeseburger9418 says:

Hey awsome tnx kyle! How bout some of the new kias? i thought u had a few
vids up from folger kia or something?

Dustin Szabo says:

I would do anything for you to do a video on a Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser/
Buick Roadmaster Wagon/ Chevy Caprice Wagon.

aaounporche says:

Kyle can you upload a review on 2014 kia sorento. . 🙂

Sammy/Tracy Maggio says:

Can’t wait for the 1200th video!

Saabkyle04 says:

@stwartfan123 I will have a short take probably on the rover because I DO
HAVE a full tour and test drive of a 2008 RR Sport Supercharged, just
search it on the channel, it’s a great video and might have an exhaust clip
in it 🙂

Alex Duke says:

@saabkyle04 oh ok, I must have missed that one. haha, but the other two are
ones that you should do. 😀

jink08 says:

ha people talk talk even thought they dont have one of these. Mines have
130K miles on it and its running strong.

hehh543 says:

Can someone who owns one of these tell me about their reliability? I’m 15,
turning 16 in march, saw one of these for about $5,000. BUT it had 150k
miles on it.

gravitygun123 says:

kyle! try to find the newest kia picanto its very nice!!

TheCarArchives says:

the transmission on the 2002-2009 2007-2009 (Russia assemby by Izh Auto)
Kia Sorento/ Naza Sorento (Malaysia) Transmission 4-speed automatic
(2002-2005) 5-speed manual (2002-2007) 5-speed automatic (2005-2009)

talldude123 says:

Oh, and @Jakeman2164, I was wrong, this vehicle actually has a 5-speed auto
too like the Sedona. Kyle was actually wrong too. I looked it up on

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